Security Guards In Schools: Helping Or Hurting?

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This Community Media Workshop article highlights concerns about security guards at some schools -- and the failure of Michael Shields to appear at a recent event he'd apparently promised to attend.  What's your experience with the guards?  Would you rather go back to the days when they weren't around?  And where's Shields, supposedly the man at the head of this whole culture of calm thing?


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  • Currently security guards in Chicago Public Schools are a cruel, cruel joke. Their assistance/intervention is either arbitrary or even worse a planned failure. It is a matter of training, but it is even more a matter of accountability. They do not have any accountability and therefore feel justified or encouraged to be arbitrary about what they do and who they do it to. I could go on, but why, no one is listening.

  • While there are many excellent security officers, the unfortunate thing is that most are not properly trained, many are of the same maturity level as the students they are watching, some are thugs, and others are just plain worthless.

    I have seen security officers so overweight that they couldn't even walk down the hallway without stopping every 10 feet for air. I have seen security officers who simply threaten and verbally abuse students on a daily basis. Hell, we even had a "security officer" who was in a wheelchair. (He was well past retirement age)

    As a former Security Forces Marine and Army MP, I know a thing or two about security. The people we have who have been charged with the safety and security of our schools are mostly a bad punchline. They are basically the same as bouncers in a bar.

  • I know one security guard who sells Girl Scout Cookies from her police desk. How in the heck is anyone suppose to take her seriously. A few people are hootin and hollering because they never got their dosi-does.

  • Ours bullies students and parents. He spews racial hatred. He also is an off-duty CPD cop who lives near the school.

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