Mentor / Coaches Let Go


More news about cuts:  I'm told this morning that the coaches at CNTC -- an organization I've done some freelance work for in the past -- were released
by CPS on Wednesday, effective immediately.   A small but experienced and  group, the coaches will apparently not be allowed to go
into the displaced teacher pool and they will lose their benefits at
the end of June. 


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  • I think this is wrong. We live in a city where the percentage of overweight (obese) young people is growing and then we take the first step in doing away with organized sports activities which can help to turn things around. In addition these coaches deserve the same job protection/benefits as any other teacher. I hope that some of them decide to take this to court.

  • wbez's linda lutton notes that the coaches' classification as citywide employees made them especially vulnerable to cuts -

  • First, CPS hired nearly as many employees as they fired - many at higher salaries - during these Central Office "cuts".

    Second, the current CPS budget crisis could be solved simply without impacting students and teachers:

    Eliminate IDS/High School Transformation
    $60 million

    Stop closing neighborhood schools to open up selective enrollment charters that perform no better.
    $315 million

    A temporary redistribution of education taxes from the mayor's TIF fund can fill the rest of the gap. No need to destroy TIFs or alter them permanently. Just temporarily.

    Budget solved. Now, cash flow due to state payments, well, that's another issue...

  • thanks to a reader for sending in this letter from leslie baldacci about the firings:,CST-EDT-vox21.article

    there's also a WBEZ story about it in today's news roundup

  • here's video of john kugler asking huberman about the 54 literacy coaches -- a different but related group to the CNTC coaches discussed above

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