Huberman Promises Review Of Residency Case


The Board just issued a press release including this statement from Huberman about the dismissal of Dan Coyne, the teacher who donated his liver kidney to a near-stranger and was about to be fired for living in Evanston.  Said Huberman:

"Dan Coyne is a hero in eyes and hearts of everyone who knows about his story and his selfless act of kindness. He serves as a role model for the entire Chicago Public Schools community and beyond."

According to the release, Huberman has frozen the case and will review it personally.  Go out and do something heroic if you want to keep your job -- but not live in Chicago.


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  • I have a child in special education in CPS, and I completely understand why somebody would cheat to get their child out of Chicago. However, I also think that teachers are more likely to be advocated for their students when their own children are a part of the system. Most of us are not that altruistic. No, there should not,theoretically, be exceptions.
    HOWEVER, I say, give the guy a break. What he did was truly altruistic, and it's about time we, as a society, start honoring our heroes instead of reality tv stars, athletes, greedy CEOs, and our own self interests. In fact, let's make war veterans exempt, too.

  • Anonymous @4:38,

    I agree, that is my point.

  • I don't think it's really worth the time to argue about whether or not Mr. Coyne is a wonderful person. He seems great and I'm glad he's got his job.

    What it does highlight is what a horrific series of events all of these mass firings are. While we might not match up to Mr. Coyne in most ways, each one of these jobs represents a person who decided to devote their life to the betterment of our society and the benefit of children.

    The people making the cuts have not made the same choice. Perhaps it would model something positive to our students if they were the ones who stepped aside rather than always demolishing the few people who actually work most directly with the students.

  • I agree entirely. The students don't have teaching certificates, but are far more important to the success of CPS.

    I admire and aspire to follow the courageous examples they set each day.

    Please work on yourself to model the same courage, Ms/r. Troll.

  • Perhaps CPS could make an official loophole--donate an organ to someone not related to you and you are exempt from the residency policy.

    Heck they could probably fix the organ shortage in this area immediately. win win as far as I'm concerned.

  • In reply to cermakRd:

    Thanks Cermak! You just made me spew coffee all over my desk, but I'm not mad at you...I needed that laugh!

  • I agree with your overall sentiment that the rules are the rules for those hired after the residency requirement was put in place. I don't think the rationale of being committed to the community we teach holds much water, though. Most teachers in my building live far, far away from our school. And, in fact, if they lived in the suburbs they could move closer to school. Though I don't agree with the residency rule I think it has more to do with keeping 30,000 some odd members of the middle class in the city. More if you include emergency service personnel.

  • I don't know the man, but I know we need less "what about me" citizens in this country if we are going to keep/make progress in this country instead of regressing into a fuedal society where the answer to "What about me?" can only be Soylent-Green.
    I'm not saying everybody should donate a kidney -- though that would be nice, I havnt even considered giving up one of mine -- but there are so many divisions in this country, Im almost resigning myself to saying, "I told you so" while Rome (and its shoreline) is burning.

  • Abode

    Perhaps we are all overlooking the ultimate question: Why is a residency
    Law necessary? But since it is the law why haven

  • now wgn says that he's keeping his job -- though i'm not clear for how long,0,2213477.story

  • I am in Ohio and just heard of this story today. A few comments, thank goodness Ohio teachers or social workers do not have such a rule which could potentially limit our inner-city students from being educated and counseled by GOOD educators and social workers. In Ohio we think education is about the CHILDREN and not about where an educator works.... may whoever the idiot is who wrote this insane rule never need a kidney from a teacher who lives out of the district they teach in, otherwise, rules are rules right? Dan is a hero and not just in Chicago, but nationwide. Treat this man with the dignity and respect he deserves. And if he is fired.....come to Ohio! We would love to have you in a school system at any district which you choose to work at :) After all we are educating children and they could care less where you come from as long as you are good at your job :) Kudos to you Dan! You are truly inspirational and we could all learn to give a little, even in small ways.

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