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    • Marilyn Stewart backs out of the one and only head to head debate between her and Karen Lewis that was to be held this Saturday at Operation PUSH, televised internationally.

      Stewart says that she has more pressing matters to work on rather than allow the membership to hear her debate for the Presidency of the Chicago Teachers Union, 30,000 member union.

      Chicago Teachers Union Local 1 was the first organized teachers union in the USA.

      Can some veterans chime in on the past practice of Saturday morning negotiations with management when there is no open contract?

      What is she negotiating when we have a contract?

      John Kugler

    • Don't know if anyone mentioned this to you yet, but today some teachers at Track schools received letters with their paychecks saying that their deferred pay banks were in error and that they owed CPS money which would start to be collected on June 18 . At my Track E school, about 7 of us were affected , in amounts ranging from $500 all the way up to $7000 ( yes, that's 7 K ) . They are going to start taking about $600 out per check until we pay back the amount they say we owe. For me , that was $2400 , so for 4 checks this summer they will take $600 from my take home pay.

      We don't know what the problem is or why we were affected, but we definitely need more than 2 weeks' notice to come up with a financial plan and figure out what we are going to do with $600 less per check. We have no idea why some of us have negative banks and others don't. It's not like we do our own payroll. There's no rhyme or reason for it. This will be very hard to figure out.

      Another very aggravating day as a CPS teacher !

    • In reply to b5ranger:

      Actually, CPS is using Track E to reduce their contributions to your pension. They owe all track E teachers money. If you don't work more than 5 days in a pay period then the CBOE does not have to make their pension contribution. I thought it only happens during the intercessions but a friend of mine said it happens more times than the 3 intercessions...

    • In reply to b5ranger:

      To shut up Kluger

      What has got you so riled up that you would launch such a personal attack?
      Could it be that the truth hurts? When you try to make noise about

    • In reply to b5ranger:

      700 CPS teachers received layoff notices on Friday per Ron Huberman!

    • In reply to b5ranger:

      @Retired Teacher Where/who did you hear about the 700 layoff notices on Friday? Do you know if they were distributed to teachers?

      Is there a deadline for the Board to notify us? Even though many of us know we are losing our jobs we are waiting for paperwork and information about being displaced.

      Does anyone have any insight about the displaced teacher pool? Any information helpful, thanks.

    • dont forget PACT

    • plus -- in error -- teachers at marconi,chicago-public-schools-huberman-060410.article

    • I don't think Ren2010 is directly to blame for the layoffs. I think you can lay that at the door of the economy. I don't think hizzoner would really choose these layoffs if some easy money (whereby he didn't have to raise tax rates or redirect TIF money already promised for development) were laying around for him to tap.

    • @Reading is fundamental Yes easy enough to find articles about what is happening in CPS, the real story not so easy.

      Know not all teachers in schools slated to close, turn around or phase out received letters on Friday. Was hoping to hear from other teachers or from Retired Principal about first hand accounts.

      Keep reading this week and you will see why I was asking on Friday. There is a reason some did get information on Friday and why some still do not know if they have a job.

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