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    Stewart's losses in court


    Marilyn Stewart President of the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) in a June 7, 2010 press conference announced that the union would be filing a lawsuit challenging Chicago Public Schools proposed raising class sizes to 35.

    The basis of the case is that the proposed increase in class size would endanger the students by violating the City of Chicago's Municipal Code

  • The loss of the additional $100,000 to the CTU was never reported in the union newspaper, which devoted space in April and May 2010 to more than 40 photographs of Marilyn Stewart and her 2010 running mate, Mark Ochoa.

    Nor was the expense of the cases against Dallas (and Treasurer Linda Porter) outlined for the union's members in the budget presented by Stewart to the union's House of Delegates in May and debated (to be passed by the slimmest majority vote) in June 2010. The cost of the various iterations of "Stewart's Folly" (as some critics are beginning to refer to the lawsuits Stewart has been filing

  • PR Stunts Cost Union $$$$$$$
    One of the added costs of a Marilyn Stewart publicity stung is that the union's huge staff is assembled to sit in the back rows of the union's conference room, while the reporters sit in the front to ask questions. Above, the back rows of the CTU conference room included 20 full-time union staff members, who cheered repeatedly when Stewart made a point until one of the TV reporters demanded "Who are those people?" Among those in attendance were John Ostenburg (standing in the shadow at the door under the EXIT sign, QUEST assistant Marc Wigler (to Ostenburg's left) and an official of the American Federation of Teachers who had been watching the union's financial work (far right, back). Generally,
    reporters covering CTU media events are focused on Stewart (who was speaking to the right at a podium when the above photo was taken) and don't notice the hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of union staff who are providing the president with cheers from the back rows. At center (above) wearing red hoodie and listening to Stewart is Substance pre-kindergarten editor (and photographer) Joshua Griffin Schmidt. Griffin Schmidt is one of thousdands of CPS students facing the Huberman cuts. He completed pre-kindergarten on June 4, 2010, but instead of going into a full-day kindergarten at O.A. Thorp in September, he is facing a two-and-a-half hour half-day kindergarten because of Ron Huberman's cuts.

  • Stewart allowed class size language to remain weak in 2007 contract
    Deborah Lynch - June 09, 2010

    CTU members facing class sizes of 35 and layoffs of up to 3,000 colleagues have Marilyn Stewart to blame, though she

  • Senate Bill 3660-Emergency Budget, a six-month budget has passed: The bill holds over $6 billion in unpaid bills carried over from this fiscal year; has a $1.2 billion Tobacco Settlement fund; all state programs are subject to appropriations and the governor has emergency powers to cut and borrow from state agency funds; 5% cuts to state agencies; no payments into the State Pension Fund and laying off 6,000 teachers in Illinois, 3,000 in Chicago! On june 23rd and June 24th, ISBE will make the cuts for education in the state and CPS will make the cuts for the Board of Education, after the June 11th CTU runoff election!

  • I'm the delegate at Taft, and I haven't heard of any cuts yet.

  • There are a lot of Marilyn Stewart haters who cannot separate the election from what really is in our best interests. Minds clouded by hate and negativity aren't able to see clearly.

    Most of these haters are anonymous (well, except Kugler and JfC), and I am encouraged to see some of the CORE people signing their names to posts that actually admit this idea has merit.

    Granted, because of the Amendatory Act and specific contract provisions, there is nothing the CTU can do about the Board unilaterally increasing class sizes (and reducing the workforce).

    It is a very clever idea to sue over safety and the Municipal Code of the City of Chicago, and I don't care who gets credit for the idea. It's our best chance right now to stop the Board from increasing class sizes. If/when CORE takes office in July, I certainly hope they continue this strategy.

  • In reply to Danaidh:

    danny you forgot to add Debbie the hater list. that was one of her articles i posted above which was in response to this whole class size media posturing.

    Her recent all-member letter, four days before the run-off election, has a whopper of a lie in it,

  • In reply to kuglerjohn:

    I don't see the purpose of attacking Mr. Van Over on this blog. I agree with him on very little, but attacking each other on the blog is rather unproductive.

  • case is set for status call in December 2010, my brother. this is a nothing case. stewart if she was so wise, as you say, should have talked to the Lynch law team to learn how to win an injunction.

    I just tell my experiences with this corrupt crew and the fact that i filed a municipal code grievance in 2008 and the union lost the case. I had rosters with 50 kids and room measurements Nate Duckson dropped the ball and then the union refused to take the case any further after a 3-6.

  • Sigh.

    Stuck on stupid. You ought to try to do something about that.

  • At CVCA, many teachers have gotten letters. We think it is because of drop in enrollment. Other schools with cuts, have you had a drop in enrollment?

  • The lawsuit is new, but the use of the municipal code in fighting overcrowded classrooms has been been publicized often in delegate meetings the last two years. Perhaps Mr. Kugler was too busy interrupting and bringing lawsuits to hear this.

  • On Jun 12, 2010 2:12 PM, "Mary Orr" wrote:

    Hello Mr. Russo-

    My name is Mary Margaret Orr and I was a candidate for Recording Secretary on Marilyn Stewart's UPC Slate.

    I only began reading the 299 blog recently...no offense to you...but it was hard to run for office and read all of the negative words going back and forth.

    I know that all sides were throwing mud, but I am hoping that now the negative words will end.

    Call me naive, but I teach in an inclusion Kindergarten and I teach my children to work as a team. Although the election did not go my way, I am ready to stand behind Ms. Lewis and show my support for the sake of the Chicago Teachers Union.

    I do believe that Mayor Daley and Mr. Huberman are ready to dissect the Chicago Teachers Union one member at a time. With 19 years in and 15 more to go, I pray that there will be a Chicago Teachers Union to protect me and my members.

    So, my request to you is that you post this in hopes of ending the negative rhetoric. We are a union of professionals and we need to pull to together to show our Unity. I posted on the Chicago Teachers Union Facebook page on Thursday night my desire for a unified group no matter the direction of the vote. I meant it then and I mean it now.

    Marilyn Stewart has spoken to Ms. Lewis and has offered her a transition team to help and has assured Ms. Lewis that the fight is no longer with her, but all of us united to fight the Board of Education.

    Thank you for your 299 Blog.

    In Unity-

    Mary Margaret Orr

    Extremely Proud Chicago Teachers Union Member

    Haugan Elementary School

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