CPS Virtual High School To Triple In Size


Lots of news these days about online credit recovery -- computerized instruction offered on a flexible basis, with credits given based on mastery of the material rather than seat time or days on the calendar.  APEX and Aventa are some of the big names nationally.  The latter claims that 1,000 Chicago kids got their diplomas this year through the CPS Virtual High School.  EdWeek has a little article about the rise of these kinds of programs and whether they work, including a bit about Chicago's program run by acting head Paige A Ponder.  The program is going to triple in size this summer, up from 1000 to 3000 kids  Question is, are they any good?  Do the kids who enter them earn credits (and skills), or is this just a boondoggle to raise graduation rates and pad the pockets of the vendors? 


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  • A student told me the online classes were very difficult.

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