"Best" Local High Schools

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Every year, Newsweek ranks the country's best high schools, based largely on AP and IB participation and performance, and every year people like or don't like the list in large part on who's on the list. 

Here's the 2010 version, which includes 50 area schools, from last week.  Via the Sun Times.  Via Mike Klonsky.  

I'm OK with the list, gimmicky as it is, though I do wonder whether schools that expand
their AP programs find that there's any spillover effect on student
achievement or school culture.


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  • I want to state up front that this comment is not meant in any way as an attack of Steinmetz, but how can this high school possibly be considered to be one of the 1,600 best high schools in the US? In other words one of the top 5% of public high schools in the nation.

    The average composite ACT score at Steinmetz was 16.7 for the class of 2009, the average for the city was 17.6. The average ACT composite score for the nation in 2009 was 21.1.

    Newsweek's analysis is simply a mess.

    Rod Estvan

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