AM News: That Good For Nothing State Legislature


Quinn says Senate will be back by month's end to finish
budget package

Clout St:  Democratic Gov.
Pat Quinn today predicted lawmakers will return to the Capitol by the
end of June to vote on borrowing about $4 billion to make next year's
state worker pension payment, the... Quinn signs bill raising standards for principal prep Catalyst:  During

the rulemaking process, Jandris says, his school and others will fight
the rest of the proposed changes to principal preparation... Attempt to reform legislative scholarship program dead
for now
Clout St:  Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn's veto of legislation
aimed at changing an
oft-abused legislative scholarship program is headed for the trash heap,
and that means lawmakers may avoid one more touchy vote... Ex-lawmaker waives tuition for supporter's family
Tribune:  Year after year, state Rep. Robert Molaro doled out publicly
scholarships to the family of a longtime political supporter, ultimately
giving the four children more than $94,000 in tuition... South

Side School Set for Turnaround CMW:  A
Wendell Phillips Oversight Committee has convened to oversee the
process; members include Ald. Pat Dowell (3rd), Chicago Public Schools
staff, Chicago Board of Education members, a professional educator from
the University of Chicago and community leaders.

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  • CPS Parents To Daley: Bust Open The TIF Budget

  • Here are the highlights from Ben Joravsky article in the Reader Newspaper on May 27, 2010 entitled "Less Is More at CPS": CPS can afford to pay 133 central office officials more than $100,000 a year in the 350-page 2009=2010 CPS budget. Huberman and the board has given raises to scores of top bureaucrats. The district has at least 19 attorneys on the payroll making more than $100,000. Since Huberman took over for Arne Duncan in January 2009, he has hired 45 new administrators who make more than $100,000. Huberman's central office big shots are making more money per year than Duncan's central office big shots. 104 central office bureaucrats are paid more than $120,000 per year. Ron Huberman, CEO, $230,000; Alicia Winckler, EOHR, $205,000; Diana Ferguson, CFO, $205,000; Geraldine Middleton, CAO, $160,000; Barbara Lumpkin, OEAP, $154,000; Leigh McGulgan, CHSSO, $154,000; Judith Coates, CAO, $151,131; Lynda Williams, CAO, $151,131; Janie Ortega, CAO, $151,131; Jennifer Cheatham, CAO, $151,131; Eileen Rudden, DDOSS, $151,000; Michael Shields, DOS, $150,000; Amy Mims, DOCIA, $150,000; Patricia Taylor, COO, $150,000; Sarah Kremsner, CPO, $149,874; Cory Davis, DNC, $136,000; Antonie Ruiz, DPMT, $133,920; Monique Bond, CO, $130,380; John Cooke, DAM, $130,000; James Patterson, DCS, $130,000 and Adrienne Hiegel, SP, $127,420.

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