AM News: Summertime Blues (Already)

Are books just as good as summer school? USA
Today: Can a $50 stack of paperbacks do as much for a
child's academic fortunes as a $3,000 stint in summer school?... 'Homicides continue to challenge us' Chicago's homicides are up nearly 4 percent compared
with last year... Update on Illinois' Piece of Stimulus Funds
WBEZ:  David Greising discusses the impact of the federal
stimulus money and tells us who's benefited from it... Teen Commits Suicide After Constant Bullying CBS2:; His family and friends say the school did not do enough to stop the bullies who had tormented him throughout high school, and even in middle
school... Final Week for CTU?Chief Race Southwest Herald: "She
talks about her experience," said Lewis. "But that's the problem."

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