AM News: School Safety Still A Focus


Youth Violence: Students Earn an ''A'' in Peace WBEZ: One school in a tough neighborhood on the city's is celebrating a victory: 153 days of peace.... Months After Killing, Chicago School Looks Ahead NPR:  Now,
the school operates under Chicago's "turnaround strategy" for troubled
schools. There's increased security, new teachers and a new principal... Perspectives Calumet marks first graduation
Catalyst:  Amid
cheers and applause, the outgoing seniors were reminded several times
that they are special as the first graduating class... Vacant properties near schools pose threat to kids
Medill:  A new ordinance that will soon go before the city council would
require the owners of foreclosed properties -- usually banks -- to hire
watchmen to keep neighborhoods with high foreclosure rates safe.... Dick Smith's focus is on education, not mere
Tribune:  As principal at Frederick Stock School on
the Far Northwest Side for
nearly two decades, Smith transformed the preschool from a special
education facility with about 80 students to a fully integrated early
childhood center with about 250 children, more than half of whom are
regular education students....The little red schoolhouse, big city style
Tribune:  Inside a brick school in Little Village, ninth-graders
tutor young elementary students, and kindergarten through high school
students sit at parallel tables in a crammed cafeteria to eat their tray

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  • edweek reports that a new study of performance pay in chicago shows little benefit

  • wouldn't it be funny if the city's sports coaches took the lead in the downfall of huberman? they seem to be the most angry, most organized, most frequently mentioned of the cut and the cut out.

  • CORE will be the downfall of Huberman. Correct me if i am wrong, but when debbie won vallas was fired.

  • Yeah, like our current leadership has a clue. Give me a break. 6 years of experience and the UPC still doesn't know its elbow from its a$$.

  • I remember when George Bush warned us all in 2004 that we needed to reelect him because there was a crisis and a new President couldn't handle it. This argument didn't wash with me then. CORE has spent the last two years building bridges to labor unions in other cities that have been quite successful in fighting for their rights, CORE has worked with other unions outside of education, CORE has a democratic and transparent model that will not centralize the power in the hands of one President and her non-elected non-teacher confidantes. This gives us far more resources than the union has had in some time. There's a sleeping giant finally waking up and it's wonderful to see.

  • Yeah, Daley and Huberman just can't wait to sit at the table with a CORE leadership that is extremely well informed, cites (and actually performs and publishes their own) education research, activates the membership base, and receives support from students, parents, university researchers, and community groups.

    That is sooooo much more attractive than what CPS faces now with the current CTU leadership: an isolated Union, apathetic members, secret negotiations and meetings, contract changes that are not approved by the membership or the House of Delegates, and strict capitulation to the Board's every request.

    Also, we must remember that the current contract was negotiated in the midst of an economic boom - 4% raises at that time were considered barely adequate.

    All I hear about the UPC is experience, experience, experience - and that's gotten us thousands of laid off teachers, nearly 100 non-Union schools, 75 closed schools, huge CTU salaries and benefits packages, a missing $8 million including a $3 million debt, a fired Vice President (at the cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars), a locked out Treasurer (at a cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars), AFT control over finances, free Cadillacs and 53 week salaries, and an ongoing, uncombatted CPS privatization fest.

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