AM News: IL Tries Again To Win "Race To The Top" Money

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State Supe Chris Koch Explains
IL RTTT Application
WBEZ:  After missing the mark in
round one, Illinois State Superintendent of Education Chris Koch tells
us about the state's second application for federal Race to the Top
money... CORE still pressing Chicago Public Schools for emails
between school execs
Medill:  Not satisfied with a list of salaries and titles
of Chicago Public Schools employees, CORE is battling with school
officials for information about the district budget...
books block 'summer slide' in low-income students
USA Today:  When
books come home, parents are inevitably as excited as their children,
says Carmel Perkins of Chicago Public Schools, which plans to hand out
books to 8,600 students this summer.... MORE BELOW.

Boss Tapped To Revamp Special Education Disability Scoop:  In
March, school district officials pledged a special education makeover,
with a goal of making the 45,000-student department more
parent-friendly... Grand

Rapids Schools hear support for online learning plan 
Yarch, principal of Chicago Public Schools' VOISE Academy, oversees a
two-year-old program where instruction is 70 percent online and 30
percent face-to-face in all subjects... CPS

teacher compensation fails to pay off Tribune:  Schools in the
program for two years actually
scored lower on assessments than schools in their first year of
implementation, the study found... Youth Violence: Students Earn an ''A'' in Peace
WBEZ:  In a tough neighborhood, kids
study - and practice - peace.

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  • CORE is pressing the issue because everyone, at a certain level, knows that Hooterman and the Mayor were grossly negligent in their proposed $1 Billion CPS deficit. Look at each line item of the CPS budget and you'll see that there really is no deficit just a whole bunch of propaganda and BS. Go get em' CORE!!!!!

  • from a reader:

    Chicago Public Schools has opened and filled a unposted, nonboard approved $170,000 a year Deputy CFO position. The position will begin mid June.

    The position will be filled by a Melanie Shaker, an early 30s woman currently employed as a director at Fitch Ratings. The deputy CFO position will nearly double her current salary (excluding bonus).

    Also Ms. Shaker has been involved in recent legal activity:

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