AM News: Huberman Braves Public Appearance


Chicago schools parents learn fundraising Tribune:  The nearly 120 people from nearly 70 schools around the city who gathered at an East Lakeview magnet school Saturday for what was billed as a first-of-its-kind fundraising gathering were a bit more skeptical... CPS Lays Off Top Teachers WBEZ:  Fifty-four
master teachers were let go as the district struggles to plug what it
says is a $427 million hole.At least 39 shot across city over weekend 
Tribune: No one is in custody for any of the shootings... CPS officials and parents talk about building better schools WGN:  Huberman also brought up the potential layoff of up to 27,000 teachers to help with the budget, saying the minute they know what they are going to do they will share it. He said a decision will have to be made by early July because schools have to open... Chicago's
new 'electric' teachers union president
Sun Times:  A
pianist and opera buff, she began college with the dream of becoming a
symphony conductor because, she says, "I liked being in charge.''

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  • chicago maga describes the huberman meeting

  • I take it that 27,000 is a typo?

  • Thanks for the info from Chicago Mama. It's nice to hear from someone who was actually at the meeting instead of speculation. Hooterman is still playing games. The current CPS budget does not reflect any of the cuts or layoffs he mentioned. Watch his words very carefully, "1,000 school positions cut." When??? As I recall, that was LAST YEAR. I'm glad he's loosing steam and people are no longer fearful of the Doomsday scenario. It worked with CTA, but not the CTU. Interesting observation, two schools let go three teachers. I went to the CPS employment website and there is a posting to fill those positions. What gives????

  • Leslie Baldacci of Morgan Park writes in the "Letters To The Editor" section of today's Chicago Sun-Times that all 54 coaches from the Chicago New Teacher Center were fired last Wednesday. What's up with that?

  • Let's also not forget that of those cut from CO, a surprising number now have jobs in the Area office or individual schools. So, while there were some cuts, not all cuts were permanent as those people got picked up somewhere else. Looking at net savings or cuts would be a better indicator than looking at the gross cuts or savings.

  • substance calls huberman / nettlehorts event hypocritical§ion=Article

  • I wish I had gone to the meeting at Nettlehorst. It's sounds like an interesting event. I really want to learn how to raise money in my school's community where 95% of families live below the poverty line, there are no jobs for adults or students, and very few of the businesses are actually open and running.

    I remember going to an CPS arts symposium where some woman from Lincoln Park gave a spiel on how easy it was to raise money. She said it just took a little effort and told us what she did. She went up and down the block on which she lived and asked parents for donations. And ended up with $15,000. Somehow I think that won't work in most Chicago neighborhoods.

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