AM News: Few Latino Students, Teachers

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Few Latinos in college, but even fewer teachers
Medill:  The numbers are bleak any way you slice them: Fewer
than half of the
Latinos who go to college obtain degrees within six years. And Latinos
make up just 3.5 percent of the faculty at Illinois public
universities despite making up 15 percent of the state population...Farragut wins contest, savors show by Kanye, others Sun Times:  Cheers for the messenger threatened to drown out the
message Tuesday, with rapper Kanye West headlining an exclusive concert
for students of Chicago's most reformed high school on his birthday... Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco and Common drop in at Farragut
Career Academy
WBEZ Blog:

The students at Farragut Career Academy have been
working hard this year. They were rewarded with a special assembly which
we dropped by today... Chicago called an asthma war zone, and groups are in
the fight

Medill:  A national asthma education initiative is
calling for
volunteers in the Chicago area, and a local asthma expert urges someone
to heed
the call because Chicago needs all the help it can get to fight asthma.

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