AM News: Culture Of Calm Schools Still Getting Started

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Schools getting 'culture of calm' out of the starting gate Catalyst:  Nine of the
principals or assistant principals say the program is slowly getting
underway; three schools had yet to receive a penny...Manley, Robeson and Harlan high schools
have had fewer incidents compared to last year, while Clemente and
Farragut have had slightly more... CPS to scofflaw teachers: Pay up or else Tribune:  The debt extends beyond parking
tickets, including water bills and costs for administrative hearings.
Employees with outstanding debts will receive emails in the coming weeks
placing them on notice... Schools of education chart new roadmaps for Chicago
Catalyst:  Many
are taking a page from alternative certification programs like Teach
for America and the Academy for Urban School Leadership, which focus
heavily on immersing prospective teachers in urban classrooms.

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  • three fewer CPS kids killed this year than last, says weis

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