AM News: Budget Cuts, Class Size Issues Heat Up

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Mother angrily confronts Quinn on school funding Clout Street:  A mother of three angrily confronted
Gov. Pat Quinn following an afternoon news conference, accusing him of
not doing enough to stop teacher layoffs and prevent classroom sizes
from growing... Sen. Durbin Takes Ill. School's Spending Issue to Ed. Dept. EdWeek:  Durbin
takes school's spending to DC: Senator calls on the secretary of
education to look into 'serious allegations' in East St. Louis The
Illinois State Board of Education is already investigating the
district's use of federal money... A
Naperville school district wants schools to be permitted to legally
withhold their employees' income taxes
Tribune:   Pocketing income taxes is currently illegal, and a school district
would be subject to penalties and fees if it tried, said Susan Hofer,
spokeswoman for the Illinois Department of Revenue... Recruiting plan suiting Whitney Young's Sam Thompson well ESPN Chicago:  The
rising senior forward from Chicago's Whitney Young is well aware that
the recruiting process, on a good day, is organized chaos. Thompson,
the nation's No. 55-rated prospect, is doing the best he can to
maintain some form of order. States and schools: A race against time Stateline:  Last
year, 34 states reduced K-12 education funding in their budgets,
according to the National Governors' Association. Another six had to
make cuts later, after their budgets were enacted.
This year, 31 states made cuts.

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  • How about Durbin demanding an audit of CPS? I am sure he will find some wasteful spending there that is even bigger than East St. Louis.

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