AM News: 54 Shot Over Father's Day Weekend


10 Dead, 44 Injured Gawker:  Fifty-four people were shot in Chicago between
Friday night and Monday morning. Ten of the victims were killed,
including two boys, between 16 and 20, who were found lying face down,
naked, on the South Side early Monday morning... Student LSC candidate did not break
campaigning rules: CPS

Tribune:  The winner of the election for Taft High School's
student-member spot on the Local School Council will take her seat after
a Chicago Public Schools official ruled that no electioneering
violation had occurred... School in Old Town to Break Ground in August ChicagoTalks:  The school plans to raise the full $18 million
needed, Delli Bovi said, but the bridge financing is in place for OTSFM
to order steel and start construction... Teacher arrested as amusement park 'video voyeur'
A man identified as a Chicago school teacher and
described by police as a "video voyeur" has been arrested for taking
cell phone videos of adults and juveniles in various stages of undress
in a men's locker room at Six Flags Great America in Gurnee... Kids act out in the name of reading Tribune:  About 250 elementary and middle school students could
barely be contained as they gathered on a recent morning at Gregory Math
and Science Elementary Academy. The hip-hop music blared as they
cheered with pompoms in their school colors.

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  • I am not surprised

    Any Southside, or west side teacher in a general high school is not be surprised
    with the carnage going on in the streets. In fact we are amazed it is not worse.
    This last year has been horrible. Girls getting their hair ripped off on the bus by
    Other girls. Lockdowns a common occurrence, assaults on teachers, including me,
    phoned in bomb threats, murders, fights almost every day, sometimes every period.
    The schools are out of control why do the city leaders think the streets will be different.
    Only about 1% of the kids are completely out of control. But that segment of the
    school population does not care about anything. We always have a quiet time when these morons
    are suspended, or hopefully expelled. But the day they come back it starts right where it left
    off .Everyone may be entitled to a free education but since when have laws stopped
    at the school house door. I lay the blame directly those who make policy, and think
    every school should be able to expel anybody who shows that they only to gang bang
    and raise hell.

  • Hallelujah! That program is a steaming pile of moose flop. Please let the rumor be true...Please let the rumor be true...Please let the rumor be true...

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