A TIF Rebellion?

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That's what the Reader's Ben Joravsky says is coming in his latest piece (The Armies Are Gathering), noting that a new parent group has been gathering steam and held a meeting at which 12 schools were represented. 

At their first meeting in April they had
representatives from about 12 schools, most of them on the north side.
They now have representatives from more than 100 across the city, and
on May 3 they drew about 800 people to a rally at Lane Tech High
School. Their most recent meeting was held at Ariel Elementary, at 1119
E. 46th, partly to try to build a stronger base on the south side. This Thursday, June 17, at 10:30 AM, they'll hold a rally at City Hall.

Were you there at one of the meetings?  Does this stand a chance? 


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  • maybe huberman et al think that getting parents involved will put as much pressure on the teachers as it does on them -- not what the parents intend but it seems possible.


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