Video: Daley Goes "Up The Butt" On Behalf Of Gun Ban

City Hall's obsession with the gun ban continued this week with an amazing performance by the Mayor in which he reacted to questions from reporter Mick Dumke by suggesting (to paraphrase) that Dumke might like the ban better if he'd had a gun up his butt. Here's the video.
The ban seems pretty incidental to Chicago's violence problem, which is an economic and social problem more than anything else, right? I'm not saying it should go away just that it's probably not protecting us nearly as much as Daley thinks or says it is. Right?

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  • O my God

    I think the mayor must be under tremendous stress to say what he said
    Is the mark of a tortured man. I hope he takes a vacation ,or at least a couple of days off.

  • Does the mayor really think that a strict ban on guns will stop the violence? It hasn't worked yet.

  • To quote the great philosopher Ice Cube, "Go and ban the AK? My sh!t wasn't registered any f%cking way"

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