Event: Sheriff & Whitney Young Host June 12 Event


I'm told that there's an event being cosponsored by the Cook County Sheriff and Whitney Young on
June 12 during which the girl's basketball team is putting on something called "Melanie's Ball."

It's a day filled with a bunch of games and activities to raise money for two scholarships at the school in the name of Melanie Beltran, a little girl beaten to death by her parents 3 years ago.

Mark Brown wrote a column about the case.  Corry Irvin, coach at Whitney Young, read the piece and said she wanted to get her team involved. 

So now there's going to be a friendly basketball game between her team and the officers who investigated the case.  There'll also be tumblers, clowns, food, games, balloon launch, moonwalks, a bunch of stuff planned. There's a scholarship fund, etc. 

Any other events coming up at your school?

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