Diana Ferguson, CPS CFO

A spate of stories about the CFO for CPS, Diana Ferguson: 

New CFO Diana Ferguson confronts CPS money
Crain's:  She
has a corner office, but the frayed corridors and $205,000 salary are a
comedown from her private-sector progression through Sara Lee Corp. and
seven other companies...  Diana
Severs Ferguson , TreeHouse Foods
Crain's:   Ms.
Ferguson has food industry expertise as evidenced by her leadership
roles at Folgers and Sara Lee Corporation. Given her expertise and
financial acumen, Ms. Ferguson has proven to be an important contributor
to Board deliberations on many matters... Ben
Joravsky and Diana Ferguson Talk School Budgets
Reader:  Last
night on WTTW, Ben Joravsky discussed his recent cover story on the CPS
budget crisis and administrative salaries. Ron Huberman's pay comes up,
but the conversation didn't make it around to why the budgets for
travel expenses, "non professional services," and similar items are
drastically increased over the previous year.

What do you think?  Do CFOs even matter any more?  Has anyone met or worked with her? 


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  • Looks to me like she can't hold a job. She leaves one company and three months later they declare bankruptcy? Sounds like the perfect choice for CPS.

  • Some parents were assuming a letter went out by Ferguson about Travel Restrictions for CPS employees on or around April 16th and many parents on NCLB advisory council's called LSC Relations about the matter and wanted clarity due to some administrator's were applying that to parent funds. Well these parents have a valid points, they are not CPS employees, and the funds they receive are the Federal Title I funds, and not CPS, any word on what is happening with that issue? Heard that some filed a complaint with the State Board and the U.S.Dept of Ed, uh oh!

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  • Diana Ferguson is a brilliant individual possessing the right set of skills to steer the CPS through its financial challenges. I worked for her some years ago.

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