Coming Together At Pershing West


Thanks to a reader for sending this in:  "As you'll see in the email below, this 8th grade student--once a star basketball player-- was diagnosed with bone cancer, and just recently had her leg amputated. The teachers, parents, and community at Pershing West have really come together in ways that most people wouldn't believe."

Attached email:  "One of our eighth grade students was diagnosed with a bone cancer. 
After undergoing rigorous treatment, they have found that the cancer has
spread and that she will likely need her leg amputated.  I would
certainly not wish this upon anybody, but especially this particular
girl.  She is a wonderful person,  an honor roll student, one of my
basketball players, a leader, and someone we as teachers can certainly
appreciate having in class.  Her family is just as wonderful, but the
medical costs are extremely burdening and only getting worse." (Website here.)

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