Big New Transparency Initiative Doesn't Include CPS (Yet)


City Hall's making a big deal about it's new FOIA transparency effort -- listing requests but not responses.   Media types are howling about the hypocrisy of it all. Well, most of them (here).  Me, I just want to know if CPS is going along, or if it's somehow left out of the show.  I'm told it's "under review," which could mean anything.  Sounds like they are playing catch-up though.  Not that it matters, except I'm curious to see what folks who bother to FOIA the Board bother to FOIA the Board about. 


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  • the person at CPS who handles the requests(Daniels) is ok. it is the people that she give the request to that try and manipulate the information, deny that the information or documents exist, or as schmidt and joravsky have recently learned the information given out is fabricated and false documentation.

    CPS transparent => Never

    there is too much corruption and theft right now. it is like a feeding frenzy and everyone wants their little bit before the party is over. just look at contracts and procurements: millions of dollars handed out in no bid contracts without any detailed individual scope of services attached nor are invoices for services performed attached so there is no paper trail.

    whatever happened to the scott theft investigation?

    what about the attendance fraud?

    john kugler

  • CPS will never go along with it, becuase the REAL reason Micheal Scott was murdered would definitely be revealed. As I've heard from a inside source, CPS, the Olympic Committee, South side developers, Mayor Daley, and Micheal Scott were all in bed together trying to make the Olympic Bid come true. When it didn't happen CPS, the Mayor, and Michael Scott all had to pay up. Unfortunately Mr. Scott didn't pay up fast enough. The level of corruption that would be exposed if CPS or the Mayor's office cooporated with FOIA would bring this city to its knees.

  • I wonder if CPS responded to AG's office directing them to respond to FOIA? See for full story ...
    "The gathering spoke first about the need for transparency before any budget cuts are in place after which everyone proceed to move inside of the building and request a meeting with Attorney General, Lisa Madigan.
    The letter was received by the Assistant Public Access Counselor who quickly notified CPS that they were in non-compliance of the FOIA law and must provide the documents that I, on behalf of CORE and GEM, requested on March 27th. Thanks to the efforts of this gathering, there may finally be a way to determine whether or not Huberman and his financial appointees are telling the public the truth or hiding a surplus to justify draconian teacher cuts in the fall."

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