AM News: Stagnant Reading Scores For Chicago

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Reading scores stay flat for CPS eighth-graders Sun Times:  Chicago's eighth-grade reading scores haven't really budged
since 2002 on a key national test, although fourth-grade results have
seen a gradual uptick, results released Thursday show. Chicago landed in
the middle of the pack of 18 big-city school districts... Chicago students lag behind other big cities on
"nation's report card"

Catalyst: Chicago tied
Baltimore and outscored six other districts on 4th-grade reading tests,
but fell short of 10 other districts--including Atlanta, New York and
Boston... National Report: Chicago Schools Lag Behind National
WBEZ:  Chicago Public Schools has
improved its reading performance in the past several years, but it still
lags behind the national average...MORE NEWS BELOW.
Making a mixed-income community work: Roosevelt Square
Chicago Reporter

On Tuesday, residents on the Near West Side got to see
plans for two new condo buildings being built as part of the Chicago
Housing Authority's mixed-income Roosevelt Square development.... New Trier teen freed from home detention Sun
Times:  New Trier High School honors student Erin Hughes said
she is praying for the 16-year-old classmate she's accused of severely
injuring in a hit-and-run crash... Money Woes May Imperil Dance Program CNC:  "Having a
Ball" teaches ballroom dancing to
fifth-graders in Chicago Public Schools, but money for the program is
imperiled... Parents become ambassadors for Head Start recruiting
Catalyst:  Last year, parents from POWER-PAC released the report
"Why Isn't Johnny
in Preschool?" outlining barriers to filling preschool slots in
low-income neighborhoods and recommendations for solving the problem.
... Five Candidates in Race for Chicago Teachers Union
WBEZ:  Teachers and other
employees in Chicago Public Schools are voting this morning.

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  • I wonder what the NAEP growth would have looked like if the charter schools were included in the analysis. The report said that it made "little to no" difference...any thoughts?

  • did you vote? how does the process work? purple ink on the right forefinger is what i'm imagining. meanwhile, the trib reports on IL's new dollars for data from the feds,0,3323087.story

  • Please, I implore you to log off the computer and read a book with your child(ren) if you are a parent. That is the biggest help that teachers can have to increase scores. Show your child(ren) that YOU value reading and they will too. If you don't have any books at home, you can either go to the library or go to Reading A-Z for children in the primary grades. There are several free books to read online. You can also find many ebooks just by Google-ing them. Scholastic also has a good website for reading. Have your high schooler read the newspaper online and tell you what the stories are about. There are many ways to up those scores, but the love of reading has to come from home first.

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