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Seeking to Assure Students' Safety Outside School
Chicago News Cooperative:  The group
Pain to Power is striving to enlist parents to patrol around schools
before and after classes to make the area safer for children... Mom,
daughter arrested after fracas at school
Tribune:  Prosecutors
said that Patrice Marshall, 36, was called to Marquette Elementary
School in the 6500 block of South Richmond Street Thursday afternoon
after her son, a student at the school, had been arrested for assaulting
a teacher and a police officer... Drivers

Ed Cuts in the CPS! CPS Sports Blog:  This
memo is intended to inform all site directors that each driver
education lab program will be shut down at all locations after Friday of
this week... How
CPS Budget Cuts Affect One Small School -
NorthSide Four:  For
us, a grim setback to what had promised to be a running start at
creating a really great school. Specifically, the loss of 3 teachers
with an enrollment increase of 85 children, leaving our small school
with 6.5 teachers for 340 students... Illinois Pays Up School Construction Grants
Tribune:  The state of Illinois is making good on a multi-million
dollar promise to spruce-up old schools. 26 schools across Illinois
will soon get their share of $166 million construction dollars...States' budget hitting programs for kids hard AP: 
Now the crisis is reaching the

in hit-run case had never met, New Trier officials say Tribune: 
16, is a sophomore from Glencoe who plays the guitar, paints and
performs in theater. Hughes, 18, is a Wilmette senior who sings with the
choir... Girls' Basketball Team Plans Trip To Florida
To Avoid Arizona Controversy
NBC:  The Highland Park High School
girls' basketball
team made new plans to travel to Florida instead of Arizona to try and
stay far away from... School closing after 19 years Sun Times:  Fox
Valley Lutheran Academy announced last week it will
close its doors

at the end of the school year, but some area Lutherans say it just ends a

chapter, not the whole story... Is Illinois' record on hiring Latinos "intolerable"?
The number of Latinos -- or lack of them -- working in
key state jobs has been the subject of recent criticism by some of
Illinois' highest-profile Latino officials.... Changes in store for school vending machines
Tribune:  Crispy edamame, fresh bananas, fruity organic waters
and pomegranate spiked nut clusters could replace sweets and sports
drinks in school vending machines thanks to a crop of healthier products
and government initiatives...[more news below]

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  • From the drivers ed cuts posting's comments: "However, the CPS has done nothing on the biggest expenditure of all- the overpay of unionized drivers ed instructors. Not only do they overpay them in salaries (some of them are earning 90,000 +. But they are vastly overpaying them is tax payer subsidized benefits. The CPS drivers ed instructors can easily be replaced by a private company where the labor expenses will be 40% less and an even you'll have even bigger benefits expenses. I estimate the CPS can save over 30 million in Drivers Ed cuts alone. But they won't ever do this drastic cutting of Union instructors because the teachers Unions have a giant stranglehold on the CPS."

  • The CTU contract states that a "tentative teaching program for the next school year shall be presented to each teacher by June 1 of the current school year."

    Of course, these *tentative* programs are subject to change at any time, and the has only to notify the teacher in writing.

    Teachers may be notified at any time of layoffs due to budgetary/financial reasons. There is no June 1 deadline for this. And it has always been the case that no position is safe until the 20th day of school in a new school year.

    Human Capital (used to be HR) is supposed to send letters to those teachers laid-off in "June"--according to Huberman's 4-28 budget update. No specific date in June is given. It should be noted that regardless of what the principal says, a teacher is never 'hired nor fired' until s/he receives a letter from Human Capital.

  • If your principal is retiring on a bad note, she very well may be withholding info until the last minute. The only thing Hooterman can do is request that principals not divuldge certain information about layoffs. I've NEVER heard of a principal being reprimanded for sharing info with staff. This is another one of those CPS Urban Legends. Secondly. your school may have received a education grant in recent years that was rolled over from year to year. It is very likely that such a grant might be sufficient for not letting anyone go.

  • Parents as security???? LOL Half the parents carry weapons themselves. The real question is who will police the parents??

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