AM News: Huberman Presents Much-Changed Safety Plan


There wasn't time for most reporters to check out the claims being made by Huberman about his much-changed school safety program -- the mentoring, the culture of calm pilot schools, etc.  Behavior
issues drop at six Chicago Public Schools
:  Six
high schools blazed the trail by developing the first "culture of
calm'' plans and receiving "culture of calm coordinators'' -- Farragut,
Robeson, Harlan, Julian, Clemente and Manley.. Huberman's Update on Anti-Violence Efforts:  Today,
200 extremely at-risk students are being mentored intensively.

But most of the plan is not up and running yet..  Progress report on youth violence prevention
:  Huberman's
presentation raised as many questions as it answered... Hint
of good news, but mainly the blues at Wednesday school board meeting
:  Although
he made no promises for full-day programs, he told the crowd that if
CPS receives the same funding from the state next year, kindergarten
programs will be some of the first to be restored... Huberman claims progress in creating "culture of calm" in
:  Fifty
fewer CPS students have been shot and 10 fewer killed this school year,
according to Chicago Public Schools officials. What do you think and what have you seen?

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  • Huberman is a crook and scam artist that contributes to the murder of youth in our city. Read the story below. they throw out the kids from school or pretend and cover up the violence for it only to reappear somewhere else. Huberman and Daley are corrupt and have no interest in helping to educate young people.

    John Kugler

    Increased Patrols Following Beach Violence
    Gang violence took over North Ave. Beach earlier this week
    Updated 10:00 PM CDT, Wed, May 26, 2010


    In the most severe, a teenager who witnesses said was flashing gang signs was shot Monday night and remains in critical condition.

    Earlier that evening, police say six 15-year-olds, including four boys and two girls, attacked an 18-year-old Barrington girl and hit her in the face at about 8 p.m. Monday.

    Charges against the teens ranged from resisting a police officer to aggravated battery to a police officer.

    "It was probably gang-related because this year it seems like more gangs are coming out," said Rocco Nedas, who has worked at the beach for two summers and says the beach could have its own reality show.


    One beach goer said she couldn't believe how many people were openly flashing gang signs and starting fights until police arrived in heavy numbers.

    Chicago Mayor Richard Daley downplayed the incidents during remarks Wednesday.

    "They're isolated incidences. We look at it. We look at it very carefully. We make sure we have better lighting, we make sure we have access there, we make sure the beach patrol is out there as early as possible."


  • Chicago Reader: Less Is More at CPS still can afford to pay 133 central office officials more than $100,000 a year

  • Huberman and Daley lie
    violence is up and
    all they do is spin the numbers
    while more youth die
    Increased Patrols Following Beach Violence

  • Duncan's sister gets $2.3 million Grant

    the board awarded a $2.3 million principal training contract to the University of Chicago's School of Social Service Administration, where the sister of U.S. Education Secretary and former Chicago Schools CEO Arne Duncan works.

    Sarah Duncan lobbied for the award, saying it should "transform the neighborhood high school.''

    is this legal?

  • I just spewed soda all over my monitor. That was funny!

  • Did anyone notice the pdf that was posted along with the Sun Times article? It clearly shows the 77% decrease for those also shows the district decreasing by 67%. While 77% sounds great on its own, when you compare it to the rest of the district it doesn't seem so great. Lastly, if the District drops 67%, wouldn't someone have questioned that? That's a massive amount of change for a school district of this size.

  • Budget Cut Question

    Found out yesterday at my school that we're losing 43 positions to budget cuts - that's 20% of our staff.

    The CPS deficit is about 9% of the total budget. If 9% cuts would eliminate the deficit why is CPS balancing the budget on the backs of classroom staff by cutting 20% of school employees?

  • In reply to AlexanderRusso:

    Because "Children are FIRST!" getting cut. getting in line behind all of the patronage programs, hires and contracts. getting to sit in an overcrowded classroom with no teacher while those who raced to the top of the patronage latter get to "not get paid" while living high off their expense account.

    xian from CORE

  • culture of clam is great -- thanks for the yuks. and now you can view the powerpoint online without downloading -- check it out here:

  • 12-month program: WHY SLPP?

    We offer an innovative model for real, sustainable change. A partnership between the University of Chicago and Chicago Public Schools, SLPP combines rigorous training with intensive hands-on experience. Students receive a year of rigorous training followed by years of additional support, particularly around instruction and the use of data.
    Our unique program trains leadership teams, rather than individuals. Based on their skills and experience, team members prepare to assume one of the following leadership roles:

    * Principal (Instructional Leader)
    * Director of Instruction (Assistant Principal)
    * Director of Operations
    * Director of Student Academics and Social Support
    * Director of Student Life, Family Engagement and Community Partnership.

    This shared leadership model, combined with ongoing support from SLPP staff, provides each team with the capacity and resources to tackle the seemingly intractable problem of high school reform.

    (from the org's website)

  • In reply to AlexanderRusso:

    I haven't been able to take U of C educational research seriously since their study about why certain freshmen don't do well in school (conclusion, they miss too many days and fail too many classes). So do us a favor and keep your data-oriented principal flavor-of-the-month (excuse me, 12 months). Do you really want to help? Come to classrooms and voluteer to help teach kids to read and write. Mentor them. Get your hands dirty. That's where we need help.

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