AM News: Diabetes, Preschool, Vouchers, & "Race"

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Bill would allow volunteer to help diabetic students Tribune: Wrigleyville's David Medow remembers having to schedule his days around
trips to his son's North Side grade school to give him insulin shots
and count the carbohydrates in his snacks and lunches... Four year olds in Illinois increasingly less likely to attend preschool
Catalyst: Illinois has long been seen as a leader in early-childhood education,
but a national organization says the state has started to slip...

House to Vote on School Vouchers Fox:  Tuesday, the Illinois House is expected to vote on a school
voucher bill that would give some parents a choice on where they
send their kids to school... Plainfield Schools Plan Four-Day Week Fox:  Plainfield School District employees will only work four days a
week during the summer...

Illinois Urges Districts to Join Race to the Top Chicago News Cooperative:  School
officials are urging reluctant districts to sign on to the state's new
effort to win a share of the money in the competition for federal
education dollars... Stock School gets year's reprieve Pioneer Press:  What
was supposed to be a last-ditch effort to keep the board from shutting
down a popular early-education program turned out to be a chance to thank
the board for coming to what Doherty called "the right decision."

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  • more about how the vouchers would work and who would be interested in trying them out from the tribune:,0,940582.story

  • The voucher bill, SB2494, now has yet another House Amendment, now number 003. As of one half hour ago it appeared to have been sent to the rules committee of the House. At this time there has been no call for a meeting of the rules committee, but that could happen at any time and the bill could in theory go to the floor.

    House Amendment 003 is yet another attempt to figure out who exactly will pay for these vouchers. Numerous non-Chicago members of the General Assembly want the money to be fully pulled out of CPS state aid called the GSA. But the trick here is the non-Chicago members do not want the voucher students counted as part of average daily attendance used to caluclate GSA. The greater of the prior year best three months average daily attendance (B3MADA) or the average of this figure and the two prior years

  • The amendement to the bill, 003 passed on the House floor by voice vote just a few minutes ago. Rep Davis raised some serious questions about the funding for the vouchers and whether or not effectively these students who took the vouchers were being ripped off. SB 2494 has not yet gone to a thrid reading on the floor however.

    Rod Estvan

  • The voucher bill SB2494 as amended was defeated in the House by a vote of 48 in favor and 66 against about 15 minutes ago. The debate was highly heated and CPS was trashed by both sides. Republican, Democrats, the black cacus, the hispanic cacus, all had members on both sides of this bill. The special education issue and the failure of the private schools to provide services was raised a reason to oppose this bill by both members of the Republican Party and Democratic Party. Access Living in particular wants to thank Rep Davis and Rep Eddy for raising this important issue during the debate.

    Rod Estvan

  • In reply to Rodestvan:

    Amen to that!

  • thanks for the updates, rod -- and congrats on bringing attention to special education issues.

    meantime, here's a segment on the protests at CPS today -- hundreds of kids, many from whitney young

  • sounds from this catalyst update like there was lots of lobbying and no small amount of confusion surrounding the voucher vote

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