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    • At Jones, administration preps for cuts, draws up three different schedules

      05/05/2010 10:00 PM / By MICAH MAIDENBERG / Editor

      Administrators at Jones College Prep, the selective enrollment high school in Printers Row, have taken an unusual step as they plan for the next school year. Bracing for potential cuts to staff and teachers, they have drawn up three different scheduling scenarios for 2010-11.

      The first assumes Chicago Public Schools

    • salary boosted of CFO Jaye Williams wife of onetime Chicago BoE President Rufus Williams, to $230,000, up from about $176,000

      Lame-duck Stroger gave aide $54,000 pay hike
      commissioners question Stroger's pay raises for staff

    • Albany charter cash cow: Big banks making a bundle on new
      construction as schools bear the cost
      Juan Gonzalez - News
      Friday, May 7th 2010, 4:00 AM

      Wealthy investors and major banks have been
      making windfall profits by using a little-known
      federal tax break to finance new charter-school

      The program, the New Markets Tax Credit, is so
      lucrative that a lender who uses it can almost
      double his money in seven years.

    • Check the Thermostat in Hell:
      Alderman Mell invites a certain Reader columnist to come out and talk TIFs

    • There is a pattern developing. A big shot political insider draws the scrutiny of federal prosecutors combating the corrupt Chicago political system. This is followed by the big shot political insider choosing to end his life.

      ChiPolitico Suicides:
      Phil Pagano

      Michael Scott

      Chris Kelly

      Orlando Jones, John Stroger godson

    • Clout is alive and well. good thing the press already made such a big stink about it now they can focus on drumming up support for the big contract reneg

    • RGC's and Classical schools are being allowed to keep their full day Kindergarten funding. I don't know if this is the real reason or not, but it has been said that because these schools accelerate their curriculum so intensely, they can't have half day because their kids couldn't keep up in a half day K class. Huh? And the kids who are not the brightest of the brightest CAN? How do we expect regular neighborhood kids to do a full K curriculum in half the time?

    • Where did you hear that those Magnets are getting to keep their positions?

    • Re: Jones College Prep preparing 3 schedules. All high schools schedulers were instructed to follow this stategy. Powers is ok but relatively new to the system, transplant from St. Louis. Apparently very good at PR!

    • Re 9:16 post,should be "Strategy"

    • I'm confused. The new CPS target for class sizes is 35, right? Well, my school ALREADY has class sizes over 35. Why are we losing 30 positions?

    • I was on here approximately 2 weeks ago and warned that the magnet schools would not feel the impact as some traditional schools. A few people questioned my facts and even challeneged me on magnet schools recieving private money. This is not a forum for speculations but FACTS. Everyone of importance at 125 knows that there is a movement to close a certain number of schools on the southside and westside. CPS views these areas as the reason why they are losing money and poor test scores. Can someone PLEASE name at least 2 schools on the northside that will be losing workers and doubling class size???? You see, Huberman works for the city but lives up north. There's no way he's about to burn bridges now. My challenge to CPS/Huberman is to give the west side/ south side kids the same resources and materials for leanring as the northside kids and see if the DATA will be statistically different.

    • Thanks for that info. I agree it's a all out war on certain neighborhoods. Vote Daley out and Hooterman will follow (not an error in spelling, he looks like an

    • Lane Tech is supposed to lose at least 30 and Curie HS close to that. McPherson School is losing 5 teachers and 4 aides. A far north side school is losing more than 15. Principals have told teachers and teachers are telling friends and it gets out. LSC's don't always know everything, and in my experience they don't usually know much (but I digress). Some schools are bleeding out.

    • I agree with you. The numbers are crazy and become more preposterous as the days go by. PLEASE don't forget that Hooterman and his staff throw out rumors and propaganda to see the reaction of the union and its members. Unless someone comes on here and say (with proof) that they are being laid off don't believe it or the alledged numbers. If anyone on here received a pink slip or know someone who received a pink slip in the mail verify it and share the content. I think I might change my username to Fact-not-Fiction......

    • Remember people, the LSC is a joke and the laughing stock of Springfield and city hall. Why question their power or authority when they have none.

    • Someone inquired about Montessori schools and cuts. Suder and Drummond are also both Montessori schools. They have full day pre-k and kinder looks like both will still have same next year, wonder if they will have teacher assistants (prek and K) or if they will have one teacher in the classroom. Classes are currently 27, does anyone know if they are going to have 30-35 like the other schools?

    • To the above post, pink slips have not yet been handed out at our school. Schools do have their budgets, it isn't a secret how many positions will be cut at a school. Why are you so doubtful that cuts are a reality? The question should be why aren't the pink slips out yet if budgets are already out?! Is it for entertainment purposes that they throw out rumors to see the reaction? Unclear where that fact is coming from, please share.

    • If Hooterman is using the CPS budget to justify the current crisis that same budget must have a line item that outlines monetary increases that resulted from the 500+ layoffs. In other words, how much money was saved as a result of the layoffs. That line item is nowhere to be found. So if 500 people were never really laid off, how on earth am I suppose to belive the alledged number of pinkslips. Perhaps the CTU can assist with the details of the CPS budget.

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