AM News: City Violence Down -- Or Is It?


Dolton teen just blocks from home when slain in
Tribune:  The boy was an honor student who ran track for his high school and
played basketball and football at Lincoln Avenue School... Crime in Chicago is down in 2009
Medill:  Chicago Police Supt. Jody P. Weis danced with reporters
the police department's progress putting the plug on violent crime in
the face of six homicides... Recession Breeds Escalating
Violent Crime
Huffington Post:  The Wall Street Journal reports that violent crime
is down in the big cities in the U.S., saying this breaks the pattern
between economic downturns and an increase in crime. It's more likely
that the public is being lied to in a profound way...  Chicago youth learn to make movies, stay in school
Catalyst:  Former dropout Tyrese Jackson left Farragut High School
at age 17,
served a brief time in jail and then enrolled in an alternative school
the next year...Illinois DENIES 27,000 Students Financial Aid
Huffington Post:  The agency that determines financial aid awards
for Illinois students has so far turned away 27,000 of them due to a
rise in demand and...Urban Prep 'Signing Day' Celebrates 100% Graduation
Rate At All-Black High School
Tribune:  Borrowing from a
longstanding sports tradition,
Englewood's Urban Prep Academy for Young Men held a signing day today
for its 107 seniors... Suicides by troubled teens Tribune:  Miller's
death was the seventh suicide in the state's juvenile correctional
facilities in the past decade.

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  • I think people are misreading the Urban Prep story. It's 100 percent college acceptance. Not 100 percent graduation rate for all students who started as freshmen at Urban Prep (unless UP's got that too). I don't know. You?

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