Tribune Reporter Headed To Wall Street Journal


News is out that the Tribune's award-winning education reporter Stephanie Banchero is headed to the Wall Street Journal, where she'll be the national education reporter.  Though mostly focused on state and national issues Banchero also wrote about Chicago Public Schools and was one of the few journalists who braved to comment on this site using her own name.  Banchero may be best known for her in-depth series about a little girl named Rayola
who changed schools under No Child Left Behind. (What's your favorite Banchero story?)  Her awards include two first place awards from the national Education Writers Association, a first place writing award from the Missouri School of Journalism, The Harry Chapin Media Award, and honorable mentions from the Casey Journalism Center on Children and Families. She was on leave last year as a Knight Fellow. Tomorrow is her last day at the Tribune and she will begin at the
Journal in a few weeks. 


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  • here are the first couple of stories filed by banchero in her new spot at the wall street journal -- one about community colleges needing to graduate students more often that at present

    and the other about unions and states fighting over race to the top

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