Secret Sex Offenders Living Near Schools


There's a strange posting from the Chicago Reporter that says that there are sex offenders living close to schools on Chicago's South and West sides:  "As of Feb. 1, 29 child sex offenders in Cook County were breaking the
law by living next to 34 Chicago Public Schools, shows a Chicago
Reporter analysis of data from the Illinois Sex Offender Registry. The
34 schools were clustered primarily on Chicago's South and West sides."  But the Reporter doesn't tell us which schools or link to the offenders, who I understand have to register and aren't supposed to live within 500 feet of a school.  

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  • Ed Smiths Ward is loaded with housing for sex offenders. Take a look at all the schools on Washington BlVd. Brown, Suder, Dett, Herbert and Cather then check where the sex offenders live. Not to be political but Alderman Ed Smith seems to have given sex offenders the key to his ward.

  • In reply to Guatemom:

    While I am no fan of the aldercreature, it is not their responsibility to decide who is or is not allowed to rent in their wards.

  • I guess I should have stated that the schools are in different wards. Alderman Smith's ward has an unusually high volume of half way houses and shelters that deal with drug and sex offenders . All these offenders have to do is take a walk east down Washington Blvd. All of these schools are a stones throw from his ward. I am not happy with Fioretti or Burnett when it comes to this same issue but at least I can have a dialogue with them.
    How is my credibility now? :)

  • update -- the reporter has uploaded a list of the schools, which includes Gale, Farnsworth, Amundsen, Cook Beard, and a bunch of others -- check out the fill list here:

  • This is such a draconian policy. The 500-foot rule is so arbitrary. Why not make it 1,000 or 5 miles? Sex offenders can find children in any setting, whether it be the mall, the 'L' or downtown, sex offenders can pry on any unsuspecting child.

    The responsibility rests solely on the parents to teach their children to be more vigilant. 500 feet is not going to stop a serious sex offender from harming one's child.

    Plus there are websites were you can find addresses of sex offenders. Take the time to educate yourself and your child of these potential dangers.

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