Salary Levels Vs. Budget Transparency


The Reader's Ben Joravsky took aim at Huberman's salary a few weeks ago, and CPS issued press releases and offered new information to make the case that things weren't as ridiculous as they seemed.  But Joravsky's still not buying it (A Raise by Any Other Name).

I don't really care how much Huberman makes, but I DO care about budget transparency and accountability, which was Joravsky's larger initial point.  Maybe by poking at Huberman's salary we'll get a little more (accurate) information about spending in CPS.  Or maybe not.


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  • If everyone has not read both of Ben Joravsky's articles, YOU SHOULD! This is exactly the kind of double-talk that CPS does. CPS thinks if you tell a lie often and loud enough that it will become the truth. It doesn't! Remember, Ron Huberman said he was not asking the General Assembly to pass a two-tier pension system? Well there is one now! Ron Huberman is asking CPS employees to give up their 4% raises for next school year and to take some unpaid furlough days! Ron has already pimped the CTPF out of $1.23 billion over the next three years in addition to the $2 billion CPS pimped from the CTPF since 1995! CPS employees, don't give up your raises or take furlough days!

  • A strike in September? Very possible if they don't honor the contract.

  • In reply to ubiestmea:

    strike as soon as they say no raises and board votes not to budget our raises.

    July 1st

    actually the 4th would be better!

  • In reply to ubiestmea:

    In my opinion the CPS response to Mr. Joravsky described in his new article can only be characterized as tragic. As I pointed out in several posts on Joravsk's original article, and the CPS April 5, press release on Joravsky's original article, CPS is destroying its own credibility by trying to spin this story. All of this has to be seen within the context of the Michael Scott scandal, the Selective Enrollment scandal, and the CEO car lease story by the Tribune. The great truth of the matter is that if CPS laid off every administrator and closed down all the offices outside of the schools themselves, CPS would only save about $233.7 million.
    Clearly at this point no one thinks CPS as a school district can run without any administration at all.

    One has to wonder also if this deteriorating credibility also has something to do with the Mayor's comment on March 22, when he said in relation to a property tax increase for schools: "You can

  • In reply to ubiestmea:

    Joravsky's 2 articles have made it clear that there is a lot of double-talk at CPS, as teachers have always said. But I think the recent publicity in the Reader and FoxChicago have started to do the necessary damage to CPS' administrators, who think they are above having to account for anything. We need to change the negative view of teachers in the media by continuing to demand that the truth of what goes on at CPS be reported. I'm not willing to give up my measly 4% so that Huberman can get a 6% raise, even with "furlough" days. IF teachers stand united on this, and depending on what happens in May with the Union election, I think we can win the day.

  • I just do not get how everyone is writing like it is ok for a government official to lie especially about their budgets and spending.

    isn't that embezzlement or something like that? (two cars, raises, hiring without proper board approvals.....)

    concealing public funds(local, state, fed) for private use? yes private because they do not tell us the taxpayers how they are spending our money.

    John Kugler

  • Evaluations are personal. That would be like demanding the evaluation of a store employee before you do business with them.

  • THE ADVENTURES OF HUBERMAN: Faster than Ron speeding raises to the top Chicago Public School bureaucrats for the 2010-2011 school year, more powerful than any teacher or principal and Ron has no background in education. Able to fool the mainstream Chicago media in a single bound. Look! Up, in the sky. It's a bird, it's a plane. It's Huberman. Yes, it's Huberman- strange visitor from the Chicago Transit Authority and the Chicago Police Department who came to the Chicago Public Schools with powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal superintendents (I mean Chief Executive Officers). Huberman- Who can change the Chicago Teachers' Pension Fund to a two-tier system and not pay $1.23 billion over the next three years, bend the Chicago Teachers' Union Contract in his bare hands by declaring a financial emergency and not paying the 4% raise to teachers for the next school year and making teachers take unpaid furlough days for next school year (like he will). Who disguised as the Chief Executive Officer, mild-mannered manager for a great Chicago Public School system, fights a never ending battle for LIES, INJUSTICE, and the MAYOR DALEY WAY!

  • Perhaps, but how does it change the dynamic when the average Chicago family doesn't use CPS schools? When the 40000 students attending the Charters will keep going to school?

    In order for a strike to work, the voters have to care that students aren't in school.

  • beachwood reporter's steve rhodes mocks bond et al for not letting top cps officials be quoted during his budget briefing

    this may be too much to ask, but why did joravsky agree to the terms of the briefing? he could have insisted or more or different, and might have gotten more of what he's complaining about not getting in his columns.


  • Alexander, you get what you can get! Monique Bonds only gives out "no information" or "mis-information"!

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