Quote: "It's A Zero-Sum World, Honey."

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Leave it to David Simon to work some school reform into his new HBO series, Treme. 

The second episode includes this great scene [click below] in which a father (played by John Goodman) explains to his teenage daughter how older kids of Tulane faculty ended up going to Lusher, a district school converted to charter, and housed at Forshey, once a district school building, in the aftermath of Katrina.
Where'm I gonna to go to school?
Tulane's working on something for faculty kids. Lusher.
Lusher's not a high school Daddy.
They're adding high school.
Plus it's public.
Not anymore, it's charter.
Where are they going to put the high school?
They're taking over Forshey.
What about the Forshey kids?  Where are they going to go?

Somewhere else, I guess.

That's not fair.
Probably not.  That's where we're at now.You want to go to
school in New Orleans?  So this is how it works.  It's a zero-sum
world, honey.
Somebody wins. Somebody loses.


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  • thanks to several folks for correcting me -- it's spelled fortier, not forshey / alexander

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