Private School Kids Co-Opt Girl Scouts (In NYC)

Girls Scouts are suddently all the rage among private school families in New York, according to this recent New York Times article (Private School Girls Stampede to Scouting).  Is this happening in Chicago, too?  If so, how's it going, and why is it happening?  Last but not least, what does this have to do with education, anyway?  And why is the picture so large?


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  • Breeding ground for TFA?

  • I don't know why, but seeing NYC private school kids always irritates me. Maybe because the accessories on those girls look more expensive than what I can afford myself...

  • I was a scout too, in public school. I don't really see how the girl scouts would be considered to be discriminating. They don't discriminate against either atheists or gays like the boy scouts do. In fact, they're a pretty progressive lot.

    On the other hand, there's nothing about girl scouts that is tied to public school either, so I don't see where Alexander's headline (co-opting) originated.

  • Girl scout troops, in fact, exist in public schools. However, in a neighborhood where kids go to so many different public, private, parochial schools, it's nicer when the troop is NOT in the school, but instead in a community center or church, etc, because then girls of different schools meet in the same troop. Just like with AYSO soccer teams.

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