PA School Accused Of Cyber-Spying On Kids

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A family in Pennsylvania is pressing charges against Lower Merion High School for peeping in on its son using a school-issued laptop.  The district claims that the software was installed to prevent theft and aid in recovery.    What do you think?  Did you know that computers can do this?  Does CPS do it?  Under what circumstances if any should a district be allowed to track its equipment this way?  Previous posts from my other site:  Some Parents Side With District Against Webcam Allegations, Flawed Journalism On Laptop Spying Story


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  • A family member is a student here, and in talking to her parents, this was their take:
    1) The district made a mistake. The "spying" software wouldn't even really be that effective in the case of a lost laptop.
    2) The district made another mistake by "spying" on and calling out the actions of the student who is now suing.
    3) The administrator was honestly trying to help the student.
    4) The parents are generally against a lawsuit because of the major money it would take from the school.
    5) Most feel that this is an excellent district with administrators/teachers who have the best interests of their kids at heart. They made a mistake, but a lawsuit is excessive.

  • In reply to lefish:

    If it was all a mistake, why did they try to discipline the student for taking illegal drugs in his own bedroom? That's when the parents first found out that they were turning on the camera.
    Now they say they turned it on because the parents failed to pay the insurance fee.
    Taking pictures to find stolen laptops? You do better by following the IP address and locate via the internet connection.
    And if they have pictures of the student sleeping, do you think some one would say turn it off? This is smells.

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