New School Closing Plan For Chicago


The new plan was outlined on Tuesday by Bob Runcie and will be presented to the City Council today, according to Catalyst (CPS officials unveil new school action process). 

The proposed plan would include earlier outreach to schools and communities says WBEZ (Huberman Unveils New School Closing Plan). It also uses new terms and categories to match up with state and federal designations, notes Catalyst.

Anyone got a copy?  There was no press release announcing the presentation and hasn't (to my recollection) been any material sent describing it. 


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  • city council was yesterday, says sarah from catalyst. powerpoint presentation is viewable here:


  • runcie just stole the guidelines from Arne's School Improvement Grant outline on what steps to take for underperforming schools. He should give USEd credit for the options.
    What is missing from this document is one vital piece. Is there criteria for these actions?
    Community engagement is nice, but will end up a circus show.

  • Yes, and this is also what we are putting together on the national level--how to really get students, teachers, parents and community involved in collaborative school improvement rather than another failed draconian measure.

    xian from CORE

  • Yes, MBAs are good at PowerPoint presentations. But do they know anything about running a school system?

  • Why is the fox in charge of the hen house?

  • more from wbez's linda lutton, including the possibility that turnaround schools will get $2M in extra funding and that engagement could change things for parents at places like guggenheim who opposed last minute turnaround proposals

  • if you think that funding for school improvement is bribery then klonsky agrees with you

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