Joravsky Gave Away Too Much


The Reader's Ben Joravsky (right) is rightly praised for his look into CPS budgeting and transparency practices, and CPS is rightly slammed for being tin-eared, secretive, and all the rest.  But what no one's seemed to say about Joravsky's complaint about the terms of his budget briefing (A Raise by Any Other Name) is that he AGREED to (and kept) the terms of the interview instead of negotiating for more reasonable terms or refusing to agree to unreasonable ones.   When White House reporters agree to attend briefings on background they shouldn't rely entirely on complaining about the deal that they agreed to.  Neither should Joravsky.  



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  • I disagree. In my experience, city officials in Chicago are totally ridiculous to work with. Compared to other cities that I've worked in and my colleagues have worked in, it's impossible to get information here. Give CPS a hard line and say, "Give me that information, or I'm not printing anything at all," and they'll say "Fine." They'd rather the press never write anything about CPS. Joravsky wasn't lying about working with Monique Bond. She's impossible to get any real information from. CHA is the same way. They release information on their terms, and otherwise, you have to wrestle with them for any little bit. Because every city organization is like this, they get away with it. Even the FOIA officers badger you, and it's their job to give people information. I was impressed that Joravsky got as much as he did, and that he had the stamina to do what most reporters don't think is worth it: actually reading a city budget.

  • good points, megan, and i have had many of the same experiences. but the board clearly wanted to brief joravsky and get him to tell at least part of their story. based on his previous story, he had them over a bit of a barrel. i at least was sorry he didn't make the most use of it. though i'm glad he did what he did.

  • Who has time for investigative reporting when there's mean spirited picture posting to be done...?

    I appreciate the work you put in, but you could do better than this week, Alexander...

  • i still think that joravsky was too much the baker complaining about the bread but thanks for all the comments, pro and con. i'm going to see if i can get a response from ben himself -- / ar

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