Huberman Names Clouted Students

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In a tense emergency meeting at Whitney Young yesterday, CPS CEO Ron Huberman identified the names of 20 "clouted" students who had been accepted at the school on the basis of access and power rather than through normal channels. 

"Through no fault of their own, and in many cases without their knowledge, these young people were admitted to this school through unacceptable methods," said Huberman.  The meeting was called to address persistent discord among students and parents debating which students were qualified to attend the school, one of Chicago's most popular public high schools.  No word yet if Huberman plans to "out" students at other popular schools. 
Too soon?

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  • Love it... good one Russo.

  • Oh fer cryin' out loud it's April Fool's Day. Lighten up people, you'll live longer.

  • The problem with this as an April Fool's joke is that the incompetence at CPS is so potent and so pervasive that it is actually believable CPS might do something this stupid.

  • Alexander has done this before. People, lighten up. This is funny We seem to be losisng the capability to laugh.
    Thanks Alexander, for another good one. Looking forward to next year's joke

  • anyone remember vitale's revenge, the faked 2006 reorganization memo?

  • found it here if anyone wants to refresh his or her memory --

    takeaways? i've been a prankster from the start, and the good old days weren't so good as they might seem right now.

  • In reply to AlexanderRusso:

    Ha ha. Sweet memories

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