Friday Updates & Weekend Reading

Here are some news tidbits and commentaries to tide all of you CPS junkies over in between AM news roundups and over the weekend:

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    • Wait something doesn't compute.
      "Huberman has made layoffs and closed positions in a staggered fashion: More than 500 people and positions last summer, then 60 more mid-year and then another 300 in late March. He promises to make 200 more before the end of the fiscal year."

      If all those people are gone, shouldn't the budget be balanced? Oh wait..."he has made 405 appears that he has more people who report to him than did Arne Duncan. "

      So he hired a lot more people, fired those who knew what they were doing and still claims deficit.

      It would be nice to get the full picture of who works where, what they do, and for how much. I don't think we will ever get that.

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