AM News: Teacher Cuts & Concessions Across IL

times, tough decisions for teachers, unions
Tribune:  As
budget cuts loom, educators from Addison to Highland Park are deciding
whether the financial turmoil and rampant layoffs warrant a return to
the negotiating table, upending hard-fought contracts in the process.
The responses vary by district, illustrating just how diffi

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cult the
concessions can be...Local Districts Cutting Teachers Statehouse News:  In recent years, school administrators have had to wait for state
funding or grants for transportation, special education and childhood
education. This year, those problems have only worsened...CPS turns to community for it's 'calm' program
Defender:  As a way to further engage community involvement with
its programs the Chicago Public Schools recently issued a Request for
Qualifications from organizations interested in working with its Culture
of Calm program...U of I Down to 10 Finalists for President
WBEZ: The University of Illinois is down to 10 finalists in
the search for a new school president.

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