AM News: Quinn & Simon Court Then Alienate Educators

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Simon says desire to boost schools can bridge cultural
:  Democratic
lieutenant governor candidate Sheila Simon of Carbondale acknowledged
today she faces a learning curve in trying to lure independent and
socially moderate women to vote for her and Gov. Pat Quinn...Quinn Wants Chicago Teachers to Live in City WBEZ:  Quinn
says he hasn't seen details of the bill, but likes the current system....Many run for Skinner council Chicago Journal:  Nearly
40 people -- mostly parents still in their work clothes -- gathered last
Wednesday at Skinner Elementary School, 1260 W. Adams, to hear
candidates running for Skinner's local school council give presentations
about their candidacies. ...New City Colleges chancellor fought to achieve
AP:  At 17, the future head of the largest
community college system in the state became a homeless dropout. For
Cheryl Hyman - now the recently appointed chancellor of City Colleges of
Chicago - it was a matter of simple survival: Her mother was addicted
to drugs...

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Voice of the People, Apr. 01
Tribune:  Blaming teachers
Do military leaders blame their troops when a battle is lost? As a
retired military officer, I know a military leader would never do that.
This responsibility code does not exist for our politicians and senior
education leaders...Suit alleges school funding disparity
The state's education funding system is discriminatory
against taxpayers in low-income communities, according to a suit filed
Wednesday by two homeowners...Out-of-school program gives elementary students an
extra dose of science

Catalyst:  Intensive science, technology and engineering
instruction is generally reserved for students in middle grades and
higher. But this year, some CPS 1st- graders are getting a taste of
these disciplines through a program that designers hope will set the
stage for the city's children to be globally competitive.

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