AM News: Doughnuts & Violence

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Chicago schools to unveil new food standards Yahoo News:  The Chicago Public Schools are
unveiling new nutritional standards for the breakfasts and lunches
served on their campuses. CPS officials will discuss the changes at an
event Wednesday morning....Out with doughnuts, in with whole grain Sun Times:  Beginning in June, meals served in Chicago Public
Schools will have more whole grains, less sodium and no Pop-Tarts or
doughnuts under new nutrition standards scheduled to be announced today...New tool will gauge children's
school readiness
Catalyst:  Preschool
teachers will get copies of the Kindergarten Readiness Tool by
mid-April and give it to their students in May, Bowman says. The
district will also make the assessment public, likely by posting it
online and in public libraries. See more news items below.
...Local Teacher Wins Cheerios New Author Contest
WBEZ: Producer Kristin Moo talks
with Lori Degman, a local woman who won the Cheerios new author contest...officials are launching an
assessment tool to
help parents and teachers gauge whether preschoolers have the knowledge
needed for kindergarten...

tackle teacher-on-teacher bullying:  The
Illinois state Senate last month passed the Abusive Work Environment
Act, which would provide protections from workplace bullying for public

violence snares another teen victim Tribune: The
freshman at Douglass High School in Austin had just made his
regular stop for juice and chips at a Chicago Avenue convenience store, a
popular spot for students, when he was shot about 8:15 a.m.

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