AM News: Do More With Less, Says Daley

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Daley says state and federal government have to cut more Chicago Clout:  Mayor Richard Daley today said he will ask
city vendors to renegotiate their contracts, with a goal of cutting
Chicago's costs by 10 percent.Daley said the move is just the latest of
Chicago Teachers Struggle To Find Out Pension Amounts Chicago News:  The
Pension Board blames the Board of Education. The Pension Board even
filed a lawsuit.  The lawsuit claims the problems began with a new payroll
software called Peoplesoft... Police: Even while dying, teen won't talk Sun Times:  He
was "in and out" of Nancy B. Jefferson High School, housed in the Cook
County Juvenile Detention Center, a Chicago Public Schools spokeswoman
said...Elgin families to try for settlement in racial bias suit Daily Herald:  A
federal judge's harsh words have prompted the five Elgin families suing
Elgin Area School District U-46 to make another go at settlement... Teacher Salary Not Equal to Achievement Fox Chicago:  Big pay doesn't necessarily mean big results, according to a
recent Sun-Times analysis of teacher salaries across the state... Civil rights, political activist Richard J. Kelly dies at 71
Tribune:  Richard
J. Kelly arrived in Mississippi in summer 1964, not long after three
civil rights workers were murdered by the Ku Klux Klan and buried in an
earthen dam. 

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  • it's official -- you can read the announcement by clicking below below -- was she a victim of the system, do you think, fighting the good fight. or was she a sellout, sticking as long as she could rather than standing her ground and quitting on principle? join the discussion here:

  • NEXT!! Nothing suprises me anymore. Just waiting for Boy Wonder to return to CPD since he's on administrative

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