AM News: County Nearly Hires Alleged Detroit Schools Embezzler

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Panel Approves Lobbyist for City Colleges Board WBEZ:  A
Chicago City Council committee is backing a mayoral insider to help
lead the city's seven community colleges despite his proximity to a
federal fraud case...Teen shot and killed, man shot dead by responding police 
Tribune:  An
Austin mother says she heard the gunshots that killed her teenage son
early Thursday... Freed from prison, juveniles with no place to go
Tribune:  Placement can be difficult, resulting in some youths staying in prison for months -- or years -- after their release date...Community mourns death of Lab Schools senior Chicago Maroon:  Senior
Faith Fufang Dremmer, 17, was killed last week while on a bike trip in
downstate Illinois... Alleged thief has ideal credentials for Chicago schools Examiner:  Hill was about to be hired when someone thought to Google him, and
found a report in last Sunday's Detroit Free Press that the FBI is
investigating him for possibly diverting $57 million in assets from the
Detroit Public School system.

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  • For being a data guru and former cop the huberteam sure does not do proper background checks.

    This nothing new I found out with a little google searching that CPS was going to hire a CONVICTED THIEF that stole for his district when he was a principal.

    maybe its not a mistake they need better crooks to steal the money faster.

    EXTRA! Deregulation at 'CAO' level lets convicted frauds run Chicago areas... Huberman appoints convicted fraudster to new 'AO' position

    A preliminary review of the new executives of the Chicago Public Schools being appointed at the Chicago Board of Education's August 26, 2009, meeting shows that at least one of them has admitted to criminal fraud (in two other states) and others are being brought into CPS with no experience, training, or certification to lead public school systems in Illinois.§ion=Article

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