AM News: Budget Woes, LSC Victories

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Illinois Superintendents Commiserate on Budget Woes WBEZ:  School officials and students are bemoaning the effect the budget crisis is having... Threat to LSC power dropped, activists ready for elections
Catalyst:  Local
school council advocates are celebrating. They saved LSCs from a state
senator's attempt to strip their power, and they recruited enough
candidates to make half the upcoming LSC elections competitive....Waiting for Quinn to act, CPS mum on budget priorities
Catalyst:  When
CPS CEO Ron Huberman laid out for principals the potential $1 billion
deficit facing the district last month, he said they would see the bad
news up close and personal on the Monday of Spring break...Mayor Daley's nephew: 'Not gonna talk' on school clout Sun Times:  Mayor
Daley's nephew refused to explain today why he tried to help the
daughters of a Bridgeport neighbor win backdoor admission to an elite
Chicago public high school...Unpaid days off cause Mayor Daley's income to drop in '09 Sun Times:  The Daleys' net income for last year was $175,240. That's down from $183,992 in 2008, $238,190 in 2007 and $363,647 in 2006.[less than Huberman, right?]

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