Will IL Get Federal "Race" Dollars? (Should It?)

The finalists are going to be announced on Thursday.   What do you think?  Will IL get Round One funding?  Should it? 


EdWeek bloggers are picking

IL as one of the top contenders for Race To
The Top funding -- not just because of the Obama/Duncan thing, either:

Louisiana and Florida, the state will use student

growth data in its teacher evaluations. Lawmakers there also lifted the
cap on charter schools, which drew praise from the Obama administration.
Lastly, Illinois has given a lot of time and thought to school
turnarounds and is partnering with Mass Insight, of Boston, to do a
series of aggressive interventions in its worst-performing schools."

Another insider, Patrick Riccards, agrees,
writing, "The Land of Lincoln wrote an incredibly impressive proposal,
more thoughtful than most expected.  While they could get caught up in
the politics of the grant (it wasn't so long ago that Florida was denied
an initial Reading First grant because we couldn't possibly give the
first RF check to the President's brother), one would like to believe
that 100 percent of the RttT decisionmaking is being made on merit and
strength of plan, not on such political considerations."


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  • Can you think if two more dysfunctional organizations than ISBE and CPS Top Administration! You can't write this stuff!

  • snarky blogger notes some cut and paste action in the IL application:

    "Someone more cynical than I might suspect that a consultant just cut-and-pasted, or that someone from Mass Insight helped write that language."


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