What Else Do You Read, Where Else Do You Comment?


I'm always interested in what other sites readers check out regularly (or wish they had time to check out), and also in where else you read and write comments. 

Pretty much every newspaper site has a comments section these days.  Some are more active than others.  Some are more civilized and on topic than others. 

Any suggestions, advice, or warnings for other readers about what to read and where to comment (besides here, of course)?  Me, I wish I read Neighborhood Parent Network more often, and the forum at City Data.  How about you?

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  • I read and comment on http://www.thecapitolfaxblog.com website which is a blog about IL politics hosted by The Capitol Fax daily newspaper. It's targeted explicitly to state issues and its host is active in policing it and he expects his commenters to be on topic and respectful.

    I read and occasionally comment on http://www.dailykos.com more for the laughs than anything as my politics aren't quite as much to the left as most of the posters there.

    http://www.wonkette.com I read for my guilty pleasure as it's a hilarious take on national politics. Comments are by invitation only and I haven't been invited.

    http://joshreads.com is the Comics Curmudgeon website. I read and comment there as its an ironic take-on of the comics page.

  • Your blog is the first I read daily because the Chicago public schools are critical to the work we do here in Chicago at DePaul University.

    DePaul has a long history of commitment to student access. Over 35% of its freshmen are first-generation college students and DePaul is the largest Catholic university in the US.

    Other blogs I read daily: 1. the blogs at Diverse Issues in Higher Education are always interesting http://diverseeducation.com/blogpost/225/a-painful-separation.html

    2. the daily roundup of blog posts and news articles that the Lumina Foundation puts together. The daily email has tons of links to new content on issues of access and attainment in higher education--interesting blog posts, breaking news etc. The articles are sorted by state. You can sign up for the daily email on the Lumina Foundation website.

    Thanks for the heads up on the Neighborhood Parent Network and the Forum at City Data. I will check them out.

    Dara Crowfoot
    DePaul University

  • forgot to add CPS Obsessed, which has good posts and discussions including this one about looming cuts for gifted/classic/magnet programs:


  • Thanks for the mention....
    I love NPN, although talk of schools has died out a bit, which I think means that people are happier with their schools and obsessing less. It's a great source for plumbers, hair dressers, etc.

    I wish I had more time to read info on cps.edu, regarding test scores, etc. If you love numbers you can have a heyday there. Wish you could leave comments on that site. ;)

    NYTimes has good education articles from time to time too.

  • Catalyst Chicago provide objective reporting and thoughtful analysis on Chicago Public Schools. We also have an online forum called the caucus where we are featuring conversation about hot education topics. I am an editor at Catalyst, but I can not see how anyone interested in CPS would fail to read us.

  • In reply to SarahKarp:

    Sarah Karp is an excellent reporter, and Catalyst Chicago has much better coverage of Chicago schools than does either the Tribune or Sun-Times.

  • In reply to Danaidh:

    You said it, Danny! Sarah rocks...great writing and reporting.

  • In reply to Danaidh:

    Alexander, I read District299, Substance and Catalyst. The newspapers that I read are "all of them"! I mean, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times, Chicago Southtown, Chicago Defender, Chicago Reader, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Substance, CTPF Pension News, CPAA The Lamp, Redeye, Bronzeville Metropolis, The Maroon, Chicago Crusader, Chicago Outlook, Chicago Bulletin, Hyde Park Herald, etc. You get the picture, I read EVERYTHING, knowledge is POWER!

  • In reply to SarahKarp:

    Well I read your blog and that is about it for education. I will cruise the Catalyst emails but I am more of a big picture kind of guy. So I like all things that effect my urban life (except celebrities) I read political stuff.

    The thing is, I get the teacher's aspect from you and how the administration is and is not. But it all feel so far away and unconnected to anything. As a someone who attended Chicago public schools and having seen two of my three children graduate from Chicago public schools, and one still in attendance, I feel my relationship with CPS has often been an antagonistic one (same with the police), but that said, I truly believe in public education, though I am not so sure of what is passing for it now or even has in the past. As a matter of fact, my next blog post is going to be on what I think about education. Not that what I think amounts to a hill of beans, but I think it is time we really question what we want out of education besides just the policy and procedure of it all. I would be interested in hearing what teacher's think about it. It will be on a blog named Street Level. (geez, I guess now I gotta write it) http://www.chicagonow.com/blogs/street-level/

  • Are we talking just education? I read Dailykos obsessively, and once "met" (only via email) a parent at my children's future neighborhood school who was kind enough to give me his insights into the school. Kind of a "small world" moment in a big internet world.

    I also LOVE Catalyst.

    The other education sites I read are cpsobsessed (although I'm not as obsessed any more, having opted out of the magnet system and settled into the decision to send my child to the neighborhood school -- not even stressing about acceptance letter to the ONE magnet we applied to!)

    NPN provides a lot of personal insights from a parent's perspective, but I appreciate the information I get from the posters on this site the most, I think.

    I wish there were a more blogs covering issues NOT related to SE/magnets. It seems like, at times, that everything revolves around magnets, doesn't it?

  • SubstanceNews has some of the most detailed coverage of Chicago Ed News(only news organization that covered all of the school closing hearings including the community based events) and now is expanding its coverage with reports in districts outside of Chicago. Plus we have a print edition that has more in depth coverage than the web content. We are completely independent from any corporate or government sponsorship on our editorial board.

    Second City Cop has real time news and opinions on inside events in chicago

    Schools Matter is up to date with National ed news and opinion

  • For education related to CPS, I read District299, CPSobssessed and catalyst. I post on the tribune and suntimes but only when they have educational stories related to CPS. I am a state employee so the state district 299 blog is called Capitolfax.com.

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