Twenty CPS Students Killed Already This Year

"The insane violence on the West and South sides of our city have killed more CPS students in just eight months than the 16 Chicago soldiers killed in Afghanistan and Iraq over the last seven years." -- Carol Marin 3/21/10

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  • I thought Carol Marin's comparison of the deaths of members of the armed forces from Chicago in combat to youth killed in Chicago was not a meaningful comparison. Some of the comments related to Ms. Marin's article appearing on the Sun Times web site are also very much on the point. Really the endless lamenting over these deaths is doing nothing at all to prevent future deaths of CPS students.

    It also seems clear that Chicago's gun control law has had little effect on limiting these killings, but we will know more once the Supreme Court over turns the current law. If Carol Marin wants to do some useful journalism she could look at the CPS anti-violence program, see if it is being implemented and is working. If it is working she could inform the public that CPS will in another year not have the money for the program because of the end of stimulus dollars and the fiscal crisis. If it is not working maybe she could find out why and how millions of dollars were not effectively spent on the program.

    That I think would be far more useful journalism than just lamenting, we are all sick of watching news stories about these killings. We all want the killings to stop. But that type of concern does nothing to change things.

    Rod Estvan

  • Check out these two documentaries made by Chicago high school students working with Community TV Network:

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