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I'm not sure if this is going to work, but I'm testing out what's supposed to be an auto-generated mix of the latest CPS news from the Tribune, the Sun Times, and WBEZ:


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  • Alexander, the "Trial Robot Version" works!

  • Chicago Public School teachers are about to be "punked" out of their 4% raise for the 2010-2011 school year and wiil get a larger class size for next school year! In the Sunday's Chicago SunTimes there is an artitle entitled "THE BIG SQUEEZE" on page 18A. The artitle states in bold print, IF YOU'RE NOT A TEACHER OR IN HEALTH CARE OR 'PROFESSIONAL SEVICES.' CHANCES ARE YOUR PAY HAS SHRUNK IN THE LAST YEAR. The average wage change for the second quarter in 2009 compared with the second quarter in 2008 for teachers, healthcare and social workers was 0.71%. The average wage change for the same period for professional legal, accounting, scientists and managers was 1.61% which was the highest and followed by repair, maintentance, personal services and household help which was 1.11%! Why does the headline lead with teachers? Chicago teachers are being "set-up" to lose their raises, larger class sizes and to accept furlough days for next school year! How can this be possible, Chicago teachers have a contract ( really it is an Agreement) with the Chicago Board of Education! ARTICLE 47-2.2 (PAY RAISES) STATES: "Any adjustments to the increase of 4% for the Fiscal Years 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 to Appendix A of this Agreements are CONTINGENT UPON A REASONABLE EXPECTATION BY THE BOARD OF ITS ABILITY TO FUND THE INCREASES FOR FISCAL YEARS 2009, 2010, 2011 AND 2012! THEREFORE, any adjustments to the scheduled increases (for those years) SHALL NOT BE EFFECTIVE until and unless the Board adopts a Resolution no later than fifthteen calendar days prior to the beginning of each Fiscal Year that it FINDS THERE IS A REASONABLE EXPECTATION THAT IT WILL BE ABLE TO FUND SUCH INCREASES ($975 million dollar deficit) FOR THAT FISCAL YEAR." ARTICLE 28-1,VII (PROCEDURE FOR MODIFYING CLASS SIZE POLICY) STATES: "Prior to Board Adoption of any amendments to this policy altering the class size provisions contained herein, notice and an opportunity to MEET AND CONFER regarding ALTERATIONS will be provided to the Chicago Teachers Union at least 45 days prior to the IMPLEMENTATION (larger class sizes)." The Board of Education has said that the Chicago Public Schools can't afford the 4% pay raises! The Board of Education wants these concessions from the Chicago Teachers Union: 1. Freeze pay raises for next school year, 2. Furlough days for teachers ( CPS already gave non-union employees 6 unpaid furlough days). IF THE UNION DOESN'T AGREE, the Chicago Public Schools will increase class sizes and lay off more teachers!

  • How about this? If CPS is breaking contracts, why not just break the loan agreements that are eating up large chunks of the budget for...nothing. Tell the usurers to go stick it. What are they doing for the children of Chicago?

  • If CPS increases my workload and decreases my pay or refuses to honor negotiated obligations, I will stop working outside of school hours . . . no more grading at home or planning, no more administrative duties . . . no after school activities . . . no more mentoring . . . no more money out of pocket . . . nothing more than my best between the hours of 8 and 3 on days I'm paid for.

  • Ron Huberman and the Chicago Public Schools are proposing to hire hundreds of new teachers as CPS is preparing to cut thousands of current veteran teaching positions because of the "so-called" $975 million dollar deficit! CPS is advertising around the nation to hire 655 new teachers on out-of-state websites! Why would CPS do this? To get rid of the higher salaries of veteran teachers and knowing that new teachers and alternative certificated teachers don't care about receiving a pension from CPS! The recent school closings, consolidations and turnarounds will cause more than 400 teachers and other staff members to lose their jobs! P.S.- Don't you just love CPS?

  • Mayor Daley and two of his "henchmen", Terry Peterson, Chairman of the Chicago Transit Board and Ron Huberman, CEO for the Chicago Public Schools are trying to destroy the unions in the City of Chicago! CITY OF CHICAGO: Civilian union city employees saw their wages reduced by a net 1.5% from 2008 to 2009. Most unionized non-police or fire employees have received annual increases for the last two years. But, through reduced workweeks and required unpaid days, most ended up with a 4.5% wage reduction in July, 2009, with the exception of members of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees and the Teamsters, who chose layoffs of their members over pay reductions. Police and fire labor contracts have been under negotiation, and their unions having chosen not to participate in the furloughs, wages for those workers remained level from 2008 to 2009. For 2010, civilian union city employees will see, on a average, a 9% reduction in wages resulting from a full year's worth of reduced workweeks, or furlough days and unpaid holidays. The 5,000 City of Chicago employees who are members of AFSCME got a negotiated 3% pay raise in 2009 and will receive a 3% raise this year. AFSCME members did not accept Mayor Daley's demand to take unpaid holidays and furlough days, but they did have to concede to the city's mandatory three unpaid shutdown days, which amount to a 1.15% pay cut. CTA: The CTA's unions have negotiated annual salary increases of 3.5% a year over the next two years. The CTA has asked unions to forgo this year's increase, as well as to accept other cuts, to help address a $95.7 million budget deficit. All CTA employees unions have seen the AMOUNT OF THEIR PENSION CONTRIBUTIONS INCREASE from 3% three years ago to 6% in 2009 and to 8.35% this year! CHICAGO PUBLIC SCHOOLS: Chicago teachers got a 4% raise under their contract (Agreement). But top school officials (Ron Huberman) have warned that the CPS can't afford the 4% raise for next school year. CPS wants concessions from the Chicago Teachers Union, such as a pay freeze or furlough days. If the union doesn't agree, CPS has the authority to increase class sizes and lay off veteran teachers(expensive teachers)and bring in new teachers (cheaper teachers)! Remember, Mayor Daley runs City Hall, CTA and the Chicago Public Schools! P.S.- The current "smear" job that is being done by the Chicago media on the CTA, guess who is next? The Chicago Teachers Union and Chicago Public School veteran teachers!

  • Dear new teacher, we love new teachers! Long ago I was a new teacher. Just support the veteran teachers and learn from them, as I did long ago. The problem is not new teachers or alternative cetified teachers. The problem is CPS using new teachers and alternative certified teachers against veteran teachers! We are all in the same boat and MUST STICK TOGETHER! I hope you get a teaching position. I used to hire a lot of new teachers!

  • The problem is not young teachers--as you quite eloquently point out, we were all new once.

    It's a system that is attempting to purge experienced teachers, especially of color. I would have never made it without the great mentors I had.

    Despite the bankrupt nature of the system, the students are amazing and I encourage you to find a place to work with them. I'd merely advise you to find a place which empowers you to support them rather than the system, and find some great peers and mentors to learn from/with.

    If you need help, please don't hesitate to contact me, you can find me pretty easily, or just email Alexander, and he can put you in touch. :)

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