Testing Season, 2010


So everyone's doing (or just completed) ISAT testing for 2010, and I'm wondering how it's been going.  Every year's a little bit different, though I don't think the format has changed much for this year.  Right?

Whether your school did it last week or is just starting in with the process this week, let us know what's better or worse, how the kids and parents are surviving the process, and whether the procedures are going well at your school. (Or if you're so inclined there's a conversation already in progress at SPED Central about testing for kids with IEPs.)


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  • ISAT 7th grade math had poorly worded question for one of the extended response items. I'm frantic trying to figure this thing myself while i'm reading about 15 different responses from 20 different students. I don't remember the exact wording, but it was a question about song download plans with plan A requiring a membership fee of $5.25 and another just charging for songs and at what point would the plans be of equal cost. I've spoken with college Math majors - based on crap semantics, there are actually two possible answers. Are our scorers aware of this? Or is the state hiring recent parolees, etc. to grade this?

    As far as the Sci. test, it seems like trivial pursuit. Our CPS SEPUP curriculum has little relevance to A LOT of what's on the test, especially since it's done in March. I bet my student scores would increase somewhat if I could test them later. This is supposed to gauge three years of Sci growth yet when the scores are examined in August everyone looks my way as if it's somehow relevant to what's going on in my classroom. Scores up or down, I shrug.

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