Teens - Not School Officials - Charged In Bullying Suicide

What do you think about teens but not school officials being tried for bullying at South Hadley High School in Massachusetts that led to a teenage girl's death - even though officials knew about the situation and seem not to have done enough to stop it?

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Teenagers Accused of Bullying That Led to Suicide
NYT:  Felony
indictments are a sharp legal response to the
problem of adolescent bullying.

Nine Teens Charged With Bullying In
Girl's Suicide

NPR: Two of the teens were also charged with statutory rape.  


expert: Mass. school didn't use advice AJC: School officials won't
be charged, even though authorities say they knew
about the bullying.

"Not Just a Part of Growing Up"
CBS News:  School
officials in South Hadley, Mass., have been criticized by parents for
not doing enough.

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